You have to price right and bring value if you expect a domainer to pay you


When trying to get paid in the domain space you have to offer something that is a must have. Now many tools get a few subscribers but it also motivates others to create a free tool that offers similar features.

The latest site out there that is moving to a paid model is ZFBot. A post on Namepros mentioned that the site was now going to cost $10 a month.

Hookbox posted:

You have got to be kidding me. I can understand charging 10 bucks a month for a service that actually gives you 10 bucks worth of tools but come on ZFbot you are not there yet.

In the thread there is a reference to charging from the start and a couple posters felt that pretty much ended interest in that website.

Of course Domain Tools caused a ruckus last year when they raised their prices.

Domain Tools situation was a bit different, for one, they really didn’t care if they kept domain investors, they are looking for bigger clients at the enterprise level. fills the void for Domain Tools in my opinion. (I am a paid subscriber).

Secondly they offered a lot of tools that domainers use. Not just one product like ZFBot. was another free service that just woke up one day with a dialog box. I would have never paid for that service, sorry it’s just not that valuable.

There are many free alternatives to a lot of tools out there. Recently Domain Tools wanted to take another jab at domain investors and make a paid Domain Tools membership mandatory for access to

Please Note
Thanks for your interest in DailyChanges. DailyChanges is a service that is now part of a DomainTools Membership. If you already have a membership, please log in. Otherwise, sign up for a membership for access to this and other DomainTools services.
ENTER DNS.Link provides it’s service for free. On top of that what some companies don’t understand is nickel and diming for every service really builds animosity.
I have spoken to people and just mentioned someone who works at a particular company and immediately they get nasty. “Bleep them, I will never use them for anything.”
Most tools need to find the right value proposition, just saying $10 a month is not going to work. You can charge that when you are the only or best game in town. When you are a dime a dozen you can’t get $120 a year. Again IMO.