Why Blockchain Technology is Disrupting Industries Across the World



For the Blockchain session at NameSummit, we have a true expert to enlighten the audience about the uses of Blockchain and how it can be relevant to your company in the very near future. He is an author of “Blockchain Applications in Finance” and has been featured in many medias on the topic of Blockchain.

While the effects of the revolutionary Blockchain technology have been bubbling under the surface since the advent of Bitcoin as the first use of the technology, Blockchain is only now starting to realize its full potential, as we seem to be in a veritable Blockchain Big Bang, where cryptocurrencies and other Blockchain-based implementations are popping up left and right, and investors are putting more and more of their money in Blockchain-based projects.

Blockchain promises a more secure way to transact with others, whether it be money, legal documents, or other information. It can do this because of its decentralized nature, meaning each block in the chain has as much weight as the next, preventing cyber vulnerabilities entirely and making it nearly impossible for hacking or other malicious activities to take place.

The possibilities are endless with Blockchain, and the investment numbers are incredible. As an actual Blockchain use in the marketing space, Brave Browser, an internet browser on Blockchain, raised $35 million in funding in just 24 seconds. And this isn’t a unique case. ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) offer investors big and small to get their piece of some of the most exciting projects in recent memory and have given Blockchain-based projects an incredible platform to raise millions with little more than a whitepaper. Peter will enlighten us about uses of Blockchain, how it could be relevant to your company, and what awaits down the road.

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