What’s the second most-popular blogging platform next to WordPress?


I’ve been using WordPress for a long time now, I think in the ten years I’ve been writing this blog, I think around seven of those years have been proudly powered by WordPress. When I first started out I was on Typepad but since I switched to WordPress I stopped keeping track of other blogging platforms.

It’s no secret that Wordpres holds the #1 spot when it comes to blogging platform but I thought it would be fun to look and see, after all these years, and the massive growth that WordPress has seen, who holds the #2 spot? Then I realized, it doesn’t look like there’s really any authority that keeps blog platform rankings. If there is – please tell me because I couldn’t seem to find it.

From what I can tell, the second-most popular blogging platform is likely either Blogger or Tumblr but it platforms like Medium have been gaining steam. So now I thought I’d turn the question over to you – what do you think the second most-popular blogging platform is?

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