Visual Branding Expert Roberto Blake speaking at NameSummit 2017



Acclaimed video marketing and content strategist scheduled to speak at NameSummit 2017
Roberto Blake, a creative entrepreneur, recognized by Forbes, Huffington Post and Photoshop Creative Magazine for his achievements in visual branding and marketing, will speak at NameSummit 2017. Organizers of the digital marketing conference at the Hilton Midtown in New York City on Aug. 7-8 have invited Mr. Blake to join with other leaders in branding and digital marketing together to offer their take on current and future trends.

Mr. Blake is the CEO and creative director of Create Awesome Media LLC. He combines a background in advertising, brand development, and marketing with unsurpassed skills in photography, graphic design and video editing to develop marketing and advertising campaigns for people, businesses, and brands. His experience in social media as the host and producer of his own YouTube channel, “Always Be Creating,” and as host and co-producer with Liebsmedia LLC of the series entitled, “Create Something Awesome Podcast,” ultimately benefits his clients.

He believes clients are all too frequently presented with marketing and advertising proposals from “experts” with little or no experience producing the results to which the client is being asked to commit. Mr. Blake has proven that combining the creativity of a graphic artist with the technical skills associated with digital media marketing allows him to achieve outstanding results for his clients.
His knowledge and talent have made him a popular speaker at events such as PePCon, AdobeMax, and Vloggerfair. Among the many topics on which he has been asked to speak are personal branding, entrepreneurship, video marketing, career development and social media. The overwhelming reaction of his audiences means attendees at NameSummit 2017 can expect to be entertained and enlightened.

About NameSummit 2017

NameSummit 2017 is a digital branding conference on Aug. 7-8 at the Hilton Midtown Manhattan. Topics expected to be touched upon during the conference are social media, influencer marketing, digital media, branding and search engine optimization. To register click here.