Use This Formula to Acquire The Perfect Domain.


Follow these seven guidelines to avoid making critical mistakes in your domain and brand name selection.

7 Guidelines

The C.O.N.V.E.R.T. formula is one of the guidelines that we created to help our clients acquire the perfect domain.  Walking thru these core principles will help you determine the strength and quality of your domain name options.  The domain name you select plays a significant and foundation element of your brand identity.

Creating a brand now often starts with choosing a domain name.  A company’s online presence is now inseparable from their brands physical presence.

Choosing a domain with a position of strength will have a significant impact on the ROI of every marketing investment. For example, the founder of said he experienced a 40% increase in traffic after he acquired his perfect domain.  The founder of said he directly correlates his success to acquiring

Paul Graham at Y Combinator recommends startups should change their name if they don’t own the .com version.

This guide will walk you thru each level of our C.O.N.V.E.R.T. formula to choose the perfect domain.

  • C = Capture consumer intent
  • O = One word or simplicity in messaging.
  • N = Nimble
  • V = Viral & Verb
  • E = Elevate your brand to a position of authority
  • R = Radio test
  • T = Trademark availability 

Finding and acquiring the perfect domain can be difficult for new businesses because of many obvious brandable domains are taken.  These constraints require businesses to be creative in their branding and domain selection.  There are still thousands of domains that will create amazing brands for every vertical.

Media Options specializes in domain acquisition and naming.  This free resource follows the same principals and guidelines that we walk our clients thru to select and acquire the perfect domain.

Download this free resource that will walk you thru one of our domain selection and acquisition formulas.

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