Update: Existing Domains Won’t Be Affected by Uniregistry’s Price Increase


At the beginning of March, Uniregistry decided to hike the prices on some of its poorest performers by as much as 3,000% and naturally, a huge backlash followed which culminated with GoDaddy’s decision of dropping all Uniregistry strings (not just those affected by price hikes).

A harsh decision no doubt but at the end of the day, Uniregistry made a business mistake and had to deal with its consequences.

It seems they’ve re-considered (a good idea IMO) and have decided to grandfather in the existing domain holders.

In other words, the price hike won’t affect those who currently own domains in those extensions.

As a reminder, prices will go from 10-20 bucks all the way up to $300 per year for two of its extensions (Dot Hosting and Dot Juegos). With some of its other strings (Dot Audio, Dot BlackFriday, Dot Diet, Dot Flowers, Dot HipHop, Dot Guitars and Dot Property), the price is going up from 10-25 bucks to about $100 yearly, whereas for others, the increase will be less dramatic, with the minimum increase taking place with Dot Click and Dot Link ($1 – $2 extra per year).

I don’t understand why this hasn’t been done right from the beginning (a lot of drama could have been avoided) but still, better late than never.

Since I’ve covered the price hike, I thought it would be fair to cover this decision as well, especially since other than a DomainIncite article, I haven’t read about this update anywhere else.

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