The Nitro World Games return to .LIVE


Nitro Circus was one of the earliest adopters of .LIVE domains when we launched the TLD in 2015. Ever since, the action sports collective’s millions of fans have been able to see Nitro Circus’ upcoming live show schedule at Naturally, when Nitro Circus aimed to make live streaming history in 2016 with their launch of the Nitro World Games, there was all the more reason to double down on .LIVE. Well, the Nitro World Games are back again this year, and fans will be able to catch the live stream at on Saturday, June 24th, 2017.

This year, viewers in the United States will be able to watch the stream online for the first time. Even without those viewers, last year’s Nitro World Games stream was a smash hit, with over 1 million views worldwide. Combined with clips and highlights of the games, the event garnered over 100 million total views. The domain was a big part of this success as well, seen by 100,000,000 consumers in the weeks leading up to the event, with both Nitro Circus and NBC making a major promotional push.

Nitro World Games expects to surpass its viewership numbers this year, and exposure for their .LIVE domain could keep pace as well, with their blog posts, social media accounts, and various fan and industry publications all pointing to as the place to catch the event. “Given the ever growing importance of live streaming, our .LIVE domain makes more sense than ever, and we plan to expand our portfolio of .LIVE domains to provide our athletes with access to their own personalized .LIVE address,” said Mike Cowan, Nitro Circus’ Chief Digital Officer, in an interview with us last year.

Many prominent brands are using .LIVE as their go-to call to action, and it’s one of the major reasons why it has become the most popular new TLD in our portfolio. In an already strong lineup of extensions for entertainment brands (.VIDEO, .GAMES, .SOCIAL, and others), .LIVE has excelled at capturing a broad swath of adopters, from consumer brands searching for new ways to engage customers, to the fast growing segment of lifestyle and gaming streamers, to live-event producers finding new audiences online, like Nitro Circus.

So is it possible that Nitro World Games and .LIVE will break their already historic records this year? Not unlike the death-defying riders, cyclists, and stunt performers we’ll be watching Saturday, it seems that the sky’s the limit.

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