The Brandable Insider: 10 decent reseller sales for $500 or less


I think it’s safe to say that 2017 has been the year in which we really saw reseller prices for brandable domain names skyrocket in the aftermarket.  When I started out investing in domain names four years ago I was able to grab domain names such as (sold for $4,696), (sold for $3,500) and (sold for $ 3,795) for $69 or less. More often than not I was the only bidder on these type of names and even on the better names, the competition wasn’t as fierce as it is today. I won the domain name for only $203 on NameJet in the summer of 2013.  In domain name investing the money is often made on the buy so my question this week is; are there still good deals to be made in the aftermarket? Below are 10 recent purchases (all from the last 30-days) that I believe are smart pickups by investors, leaving enough money for a profitable flip. All data is courtesy of our friends over at NameBio.

  1. sold for $500 at Flippa
  2. sold for $295 at NameJet
  3. sold for $435 at GoDaddy Auctions
  4. sold for $404 at DropCatch
  5. sold for $500 at GoDaddy Auctions
  6. sold for $500 at Flippa
  7. sold for $367 at GoDaddy Auctions
  8. sold for $232 at GoDaddy Auctions
  9. sold for $420 at DropCatch
  10. sold for $410 at NameJet

What do you think, do these acquisitions prices leave enough money to turn a profit? Would you advise someone new to the industry to build a portfolio with aftermarket buys in today’s market or go a different route such as hand-registering available domain names or perhaps invest in some of the new domain extensions instead?

Here are some solid domain names coming up for auction at NameJet: 

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