TechCrunch: The evolution of domain names


Alan Dunn of NameCorp published a piece on TechCrunch about an hour ago. The post looks at the new gtlds and how they are part of the evolution of the namespace.

Dunn writes:

An industry that is finally maturing

What was once an industry comprised mainly of individual investors and service providers is now attracting corporate money like never before.

Industry giants have hundreds of millions for auctions and infrastructure. Big brands like Amazon, Google, Verisign and WordPress are investing heavily to own and operate entire domain-name extensions. Even company-branded extensions are now going live. Barclay’s is already using, and new domain-name extensions for both BMW (.bmw) and Travelers (.trv) have been delegated.

One may even say it’s a natural evolution of media, where brands finally want to own the channel versus renting a space.

Alan is a very bright guy and makes some good points, the one thing that needs discounting in my opinion is his closing salvo.

In less than 25 months, these products, which many people doubted, now collectively account for nearly 5 percent of a product that has primarily been on the market for more than 20 years.

Five percent market share. That is huge.

We need to discount all the giveaways and penny domains that are never going to be used or sold for much more than their initial registration fee.

The article is worth checking out so click here to read on TechCrunch.

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