Steven Kaziyev


NameSummit 2017 is bringing the best in the entrepreneurial and digital branding industries to share their expertise. Among the speakers is domain investor Steven Kaziyev, who brings his many years of experience in digital branding to the stage.

A graduate of Queens College with a degree in Economics, Steve is an authority in monetizing Geo-targeted digital assets with his main focus on developing and operating local community websites utilizing premium domain names, visit for more information.

In addition to his expertise in the geo-targeted space he also currently operates several branding sites including,,,, and

Steve is also the co-founder and producer of NameSummit, along with Jason Schaeffer of He will be moderating for the event this year.

For several years, Steve thought about creating an event to bring together business professionals from across the country to ignite conversations about marketing and branding in a digital world. He passionately pursued this idea and NameSummit was born. After much perseverance, Steve’s vision for a New York City meeting will become reality as NameSummit makes its official debut this August.

With only a few months to go until its first meeting, NameSummit has successfully assembled together some of the speakers and branding supporters from top branding agencies and domain registries. Building a digital brand — from domain name selection and market analysis to creating a comprehensive web presence — requires stamina, strategy and constant attention to trends. NameSummit 2017’s digital branding and domain industry leaders, like Steven Kaziyev, are here to show beginners and pros how to bring their businesses to market, capture customer engagement and keep them connected.