Stacee Mandeville


This summer in New York City for the first time ever, NameSummit 2017 will bring together the best of the digital branding and marketing worlds to share their expertise in establishing a profitable and lasting digital presence. Among this year’s speakers is Stacee Mandeville, executive public speaking, networking and team building coach.

Mandeville brings over 14 years of experience in communication skills. She has worked with many top level companies, including Merck, GE, Levis, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, HP, Fish and Richardson and Citi Group.

As a public speaking coach, Stacee helps people bridge the gap between cognitive understanding of what it takes to be a powerful communicator, and the actual physical implementation of those skills through concrete practice strategies.

Building a digital brand —from domain name selection and market analysis— requires strong communication skills and knowledge of how people react to various messages. Those attending NameSummit 2017 will learn from Mandeville how to understand the needs and wants of their audiences and how to communicate both effectively and efficiently with them.

During her career, Stacee founded Red Leaf Coaching, a boutique executive coaching business that specializes in using public speaking skills to enhance everyday business interactions. Red Leaf Coaching believes that individuals hold the power to control how they are perceived and not be driven by unconscious physical and vocal habits.

Stacee says her enemy is theory without action. She seeks to pair “what you should do” with “how you can do it”.