Some Domain Acquisitions in the First Half of 2017


I mentioned that my acquisitions were slow in the 2nd half of 2016, but that I had some leads on some potential buys. Thankfully, a couple of them came through, and I’m happy with many of the acquisitions below. However, my pipeline is completely empty right now, so I need to get back to work…..

Some of the acquisitions, in alphabetical order:

  • – The domain had a site which was selling a door screen for the flying / crawling types of bugs. I think it’s more likely that a future use will pertain to electronic bugs/viruses. For example, I like it much more than, which Frank Schilling sold for $6,500 last year, and is built out. I saw this one on Josh’s list, in his BIN section which is always worth a look.
  • – The domain had been pimped around through brokers and brokerage houses more than I’d like, but I really like the name and am willing to sit on it for awhile (years) if needed.
  • – Lots of auto detailers, and detailing products.
  • – Andrew Rosener liked it in this Domain Sherpa review, while Frank Schilling thought it’s tough to spell.
  • – Action verbs are hard to find.
  • – Online & offline reputation management is big business. I’d prefer the singular, but it’s developed and has over $85 million in funding; that may negatively impact the value of the plural, although I’d try to buy the plural if I were The domain was most recently used by a reputations management company, with a screenshot below.
  • – In a somewhat similar vein as, there are lots of firms that specialize in managing companies’ online brand sentiment. Also, lots of stock traders make decisions based on market sentiment. I acquired this domain with the help of’s domain concierge service, which put the seller’s mind at ease.
  • – It’s a heck of a popular and trendy term these days, and I believe it has long-term staying power.

Yesterday, I wrote about my 2017 sales thus far, and was pleased that those sales funded all of the acquisitions listed above, up until, which was the most recent of the purchases. This is part of the continuing evolution of my portfolio, to (a) focus on quality over quantity, and (b) shift profits from liquid domains into 1-2 word brandable .com domains. This certainly isn’t the best or only approach for everyone, but it’s the right one for me at this time.

You’re welcome to share your recent acquisitions, or offer up constructive comments on those above. Or, drop me a line if you have similar names you’re willing to sell for fair, but reseller, pricing.



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