Quick and Easy Ways to Boost User Engagement on Your WordPress Website


Here are ways to improve user engagement on your website.

Have you developed one of your domain names into a website built on WordPress? Now it’s time to build up traffic to the site and get people to stay and return.

So now what?

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This post discusses exceptional ways to grab the attention of more site visitors and boost user engagement on your website.

After all, you are competing against some of the best websites out there – ones that have been around forever, have a solid influx of traffic, and of course, are in the same industry as you.

In the end, the longer someone is on your website poking around, the more likely it is they will take action thus increasing your conversions.

Ways to Boost Website User Engagement

1.  Improve Internal Linking Strategies

User Engagement - Internal Linking

Internal links help with SEO, site navigation, and getting the right content into your reader’s hands.

Internally linking to other content found on your website is one of the best ways to boost user engagement on your WordPress website. Not to mention it helps your search rankings so visitors find you more often.

In addition, internal links encourage site visitors to explore multiple webpages, makes navigating your website much easier, and helps direct users towards your most important content, which is presumably where you want them to take action.

2. Monitor Website Behavior

User Engagement - Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free way to monitor how your readers engage with your content.

Your website’s average session time and bounce rates are valuable metrics that can be easily monitored using any number of free or affordable analytics solutions. For example, Google Analytics (a free online tool and WordPress plugin) offers website owners several useful metrics used for making improvements as well as capitalizing on strong content.

Find out which content readers like best, which content causes visitors to leave your site, and make adjustments accordingly.

3. Focus on Strong Calls to Action (CTAs)

User Engagement - Calls to Action

Notice Basecamp’s use of CTA buttons to encourage visitors to take action.

If you want site visitors do take a specific course of action – subscribe to your newsletter, make a purchase, get a quote, or set an appointment – you have to use clear CTAs so readers do just that.

Direct site visitors to where they need to go using visible, understandable, and convincing call to action buttons. Think about your CTA copy, button placement, and color choices.

In addition, consider how your CTAs relate to the content your visitors are currently viewing so they work for you, not against you.

4. Get Involved

Site visitors love when website owners get in on the conversation. It adds to your authority as an expert in your industry when you can field questions and concerns. It also humanizes your brand as one that has real people working behind the scenes.

Make an effort to reply to as many comments as possible. More so, respond to any inquiries you get via your site’s contact forms.

And, don’t forget to send out a regular newsletter encouraging site visitors to sign up for your online course, buy your newest book, or share your website with others on social media networks.

5. Spice Things Up

User Engagement - Variety of Media Types

The official WordPress blog makes use of written content, imagery, and video content to engage more users.

Having a website that is highly trafficked will require a lot of hard work.  After all, most successful websites do not gather thousands of regular readers overnight.

This is why providing high-quality content is not enough. You need to add variety into your website for a few reasons:

  • Variety grabs the attention of new site visitors
  • It caters to people of all kinds – those that read, those that watch, those that engage
  • Different media types make your website more visually appealing

In the end, people respond to different types of content in many different ways.

You should add written text, images, video, slideshows, quotes, graphics, and anything else you think your readers will enjoy. Then, when they find what they like, they will become engaged and take action, just as you want them to.

Final Thoughts

Boosting site engagement is all about making your website accessible to the many types of people that will be frequenting your content. The above-mentioned tips are designed to increase conversation, feedback, and action on your website.

When you combine conversation, feedback, and action, you are more likely to see a reduction in bounce rates, an increase in average session time, and more conversions than ever before.

This is because those visiting your site will want to come back for more and continue to see what you have to offer.


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