New gTLD Domain Operator Search Service Granted Federal Trademark


PRESS RELEASE: WHY SEARCH WHEN YOU CAN FIND?® trademark encapsulates attitude, effectiveness of the internet’s premiere used car searching service.

(COMMACK, NY) Cars Digital Inc., through parent company, Long Island Media, Inc. has announced the successful registration of a federal trademark WHY SEARCH WHEN YOU CAN FIND?® with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its Find.Cars service, establishing the phrase as a catch-all motto that encompasses the spirit and drive that the nation’s premiere car searching service brings to each and every transaction since its inception in 2015. Marks on the Principal Register are granted the full benefits of the U.S. trademark laws. A descriptive Mark will only be permitted on the Principal Register if it has acquired secondary meaning (distinctiveness).

Find.Cars, ( owned and operated by Cars Digital Inc., a subsidiary of Long Island Media Inc., was founded in 2016, at the inception of the .cars gTLD URL general availability. Functioning as a portal through which pre-owned vehicle dealerships can advertise their vehicles before a nationwide audience, brings together car sellers and shoppers at an unprecedented scale and scope. itself does not sell pre-owned cars; it functions as a conduit through which dealerships from coast-to-coast can advertise their pre-owned vehicles with exposure and effectiveness, allowing buyers to browse a selection of used cars local to their area all in one comprehensive website.

The phrase “WHY SEARCH WHEN YOU CAN FIND?”, applied for on Sept. 7, 2016 by Find.Cars parent company Long Island Media, Inc. and officially registered as a Federally-recognized and protected mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 4, 2017, encapsulates the attitude and effectiveness of the internet’s premiere used car searching service, ranking up there with some of the most well-known advertising slogans. With this trademark stamped with the approval of the United States Government, Find.Cars will use it to propel their presence on the national stage to even greater heights.

“With the national economy still in a long and arduous road back to recovery since the mid-2000’s recession, Americans now more than ever are attempting to get the most for every hard-earned dollar by turning to online sites such as Find.Cars, to price-compare and shop vehicles before ever stepping foot into a dealership”, said John Colascione, Chief Executive Officer of Cars Digital Inc.

About Cars Digital Inc.
Cars Digital Inc. offers online tools and marketing that connects buyers with sellers of vehicles. Privately-owned and headquartered in Commack, NY, Cars Digital continually develops innovative technologies and services targeted at giving both consumers shopping inventory and dealers utilizing their product suites the ultimate experience they expect when buying and selling a vehicle. Cars Digital Inc. consists partly of its own standalone vehicle shopping portal, ( which serves customers nationwide.

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