Neustar Domain Names NameSummit in August: Domain Names and Digital Branding


Domain attorney Jason Schaeffer of and domain investor Steve Kaziyev recently announced that they are starting a new hybrid domain name conference called NameSummit. The inaugural event is scheduled for August 7-8, 2017, and it will be held at the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel. The event will bring together people from across the domain industry as well as professionals in the digital branding space.

Steve shared why he and Jason created an event that covers more than just domain names:

“It’s been a long time in the planning to put together a conference that can bring domainers and branding specialists together right here in NYC. Branding is essential in any business or project.
As domain name investors we know the importance of building and developing the right brand. Part of the digital branding equation are domain names, these digital assets play a big role at creating and developing these brands. We are aiming at educating our attendees on how to properly brand our digital assets and at the same time educate the end user about the importance of digital branding.”

I also asked Jason and Steve to let me know what they expect attendees to take away from NameSummit. Here’s what they shared with me:

“With the rapid changes in the domain and branding space, we felt the need to provide a platform to promote positive use of domains in the world. NameSummit will showcase how domains are being used to re-brand companies and build engaging marketing campaigns. Between great secondary market sales to engaging digital campaigns, NameSummit is about new and the “old” to discuss what’s working with .COM and new gTLDs from the broker, agency and brand manager perspectives.

We are also happy to announce that Jeff Sass and Jason are working to bring together engaging panel on branding with domains with details to be announced soon. The show is really focusing on bringing the best of the domain world and marketing world to share and discuss how domains form the pillar for great branding. Attendees will also have a chance to learn from those that have made it work and generate ideas for their own portfolios and companies.

.NYC and .CLUB and other Registries will be present at NameSummit, along with some of the businesses that are doing exciting projects with their domain names. Additionally, the DNA, Domain Name Association is collaborating with NameSummit for aspects of the event to promote domain name awareness and acceptance, which, in the end is what makes domaining work.

Attendees will be able to meet with leading branding professionals, domain name industry experts, registries and business leaders. Learn from and network with top experts, fellow entrepreneurs, and digital branding superstars. From developing and maintaining a brand online, mastering up-to-the-minute SEO algorithms, as well as insights and trends into what really works and what doesn’t, across multiple online industries and competitive spaces.
We have two days of presentations given by CEOs, marketing directors, investors, and digital branding specialists. Of course, NameSummit will also provide excellent networking opportunities and time to have some fun in NYC this Summer. “

This event will be the first major domain name industry event held in New York City since a TRAFFIC conference nearly 10 years ago. Jason, who is based in New Jersey, shared the reason for locating this event in the City. “Ari and I had talked about doing a show for some time, but it was Steve who provided the catalyst and relentless push and drive to get it done. We all knew that the energy of NYC, and high concentration of domain and branding professionals between Washington and Boston made New York the obvious choice location for a new show,” he told me.
The registration cost for the event is $399, and the price will be increasing to $599 on May 3. Lunch and breakfast is included with the registration fee. For people traveling from out of town, the conference organizers negotiated a discounted rate at the Hilton ($229 a great deal for a 4 star hotel in NYC). Jodi Chamberlain is producing the show with the team and she is sure to bring her energy to make it a great event.

NameSummit will be held right after my Pan-Mass Challenge ride, so I am going to do my best to make it there for at least one day of the event.