NameSummit 2017 presents expert advice about making money on social media


NameSummit 2017 presents a panel of experts to discuss and debate the best methods for generating revenue through social platforms.

What does it take to make money on social media platforms? A panel of industry experts will share their thoughts and ideas on the topic from different points of view at the NameSummit 2017 conference. The social media program is scheduled to be held on the opening day of the two-day event being held at the Hilton Midtown in New York City on Aug. 7-8.

The organizers of NameSummit 2017 invited Gerard Adams and Roberto Blake, two distinguished leaders of the influencer and creator school of digital marketing, along with David C. Zaretsky and Ryan Malone who focus primarily on social media management tools. The discussion and debate with these experts and practitioners should prove to be entertaining and enlightening for audience members.

Gerard Adams is known as the “millenial mentor.” He is an entrepreneur and millennial branding expert who co-founded Elite Daily that was sold in 2015 to the Daily Mail. Roberto Blake is the chief operating officer and creative director at Create Awesome Media LLC. He is the host and producer of “Always Be Creating,” a popular YouTube channel with almost 250,000 subscribers.

David Zaretsky is the chief executive officer and founder of Snips Media. His company developed the Snips social media management platform that allows influencers and creators to share content and track engagement of their audience across all social media platforms.

Ryan Malone is the senior manager for sales operations at Likeable Local. The company offers software allowing business owners to create and manage their social media presence. He is a frequent speaker at conferences discussing the power of a social media presence in stimulating business growth.

NameSummit 2017 brings together leaders and experts in the domain and digital branding industry for a two-day conference. Attendees can mingle and exchange ideas with industry experts and take advantage of networking opportunities.

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