Namepros/NameJet user creates fake accounts to show how to shill bid


Namepros member Hookbox posted that to test NameJet’s system, he created three accounts and could be set up to shill if need be. I want to make clear before people lose their minds, he did it to point out the problems with monitoring for shill bids.

Here is the post:

So now I have 3 accounts at Namejet. My original account and two more I just opened. The second and third account are totally fake with fake names and info and each was opened with different email addresses and a visa gift card as the credit card info and google phone numbers.

I placed multiple bids on the same names from all 3 accounts.

I am ready to shill bid if anyone needs my services. I will be shilling on my own auctions when needed. :) I am obviously kidding.

I did this to see how easy it is to shill bid if I really wanted to. How the f*ck in the year 2017 am I able to have 3 accounts at a supposedly secure auction house all from the same exact IP?

What a joke, and they wonder why people don’t trust their company. They can’t even secure the most basic entry point for people to easily shill.

Now there was a reply talking about technically different users could use the same ip:

Even though unlikely, it is not impossible for 100% different customers to be shown as having the same IP on NameJet (or anywhere), such as where both are connected using the same 3g/4g provider (cellular modems) in the same city. What NameJet should do is to check for duplicate accounts at least at the moment somebody decided to “verify” their account to bid $2500(?) or more. Which they may or may not be doing already. In fact they should better create a policy on duplicate accounts…

I think Hookbox’s exercise shows that setting up the potential for shilling is hard to defeat, ( I know many have known this for decades). While you may not be able to prevent the set up 100% there needs to be systems that can analyze bidding patterns in real time to alert the site admins to possible nefarious behavior.