More thoughts on NameJet and investigating bad behavior


Let’s unearth bad behavior. Let’s also let NameJet properly analyze it.

Whenever there’s breaking world news, news outlets rush to cover the news. They don’t have any details so they resort to pure speculation. The facts usually end up being very different from the speculation.

That’s why when I see breaking news I usually wait three days to read the details about it. It’s more accurate that way.

But that’s world news. World news really doesn’t affect most of us when it breaks. The allegations of bad bidder behavior at NameJet, however, affect many people who spend money on the platform.

I’ve been following the thread at NamePros closely. I’m impressed by the investigative work people are doing to unearth odd bidding patterns and question them. Domain investors are great researchers (it’s part of the business) and they are doing a great job analyzing data.

At the same time, people need to be careful about calling for heads too quickly. NameJet has a lot to analyze. If it announces any of its findings too early it might make mistakes. Frankly, the initial response from NameJet was premature and an example of responding before doing a thorough analysis of the situation.

I don’t want a quick answer. I want the right one.

So kudos to domainers who are participating in the NamePros thread and investigating bidding behavior. Let’s hold NameJet accountable, but let’s also give them time to sort out this mess.

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