Monetize, Park, Sell and Manage Domains with Tough Domains


Last week I received an email from Tim Koutroubas of He offered me an account and I checked out the features.

Features of in Tim’s own words:

1. Instant Domain Development: ( Upload, host, and connect news content to hundreds of domains in seconds.

If you have thousands of names it would literally take you a lifetime to develop each name one by one.  This instant domain development service lets you load hundreds of names and choose a news feed to host on your name and instantly create a hosted news page.   

2. Domain store: Stop promoting auction links and start promoting your own domain store. Create your own domain store and showcase your names with a custom logo and domain metrics like domain age.  Buyers can sort your domain portfolio by alpha, price or domain age.  Keep your name parked and list your name for sales with these hosted for sale pages

3. Domain for Sale Landing page: ( – Include all the information you would need to sell your name in one place.

Choose to buy now and/or make offer options, upload a logo and choose which metrics you would like to appear.  No coding required to create hundreds of domains for sales pages in a few clicks.  All pages are fully integrated with escrow to protect both buyers and sellers in the transaction.

4. Domain name portfolio manager: ( – manage all your domains in one place.  No need to keep track of names in spreadsheet with this domain manager service.  Check your domain age, Alexa, rank, backlinks, admin email and even traffic for each domain.

How are we different?

Tough Domains are the only one that combines all these services in one tool.  No need to use multiple tools to sell and manage your names.  Many of the services have unique features not found in any other tool such as ability to create multiple stores.  Have one for 4 letter names and another for your best names.

Domainers benefit by having the ability to use this tool for free. All the services are free to use and only the enhanced products require a paid subscription.  Monthly subscription is only $20 per month and allows you to develop unlimited pages, create multiple store and have a zero % commission on domain sales.


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