Microsoft Reclaims Skype Domain Name


Microsoft has recovered following an Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum UDRP dispute.

According to Microsoft, the owner of used the Skype trademark in bad faith and had no rights or legitimate interests in holding the domain.

skyperoom microsoft case

Sole panelist Richard Hill agreed, describing the domain name as “confusingly similar” to the Skype trademark, because it incorporates the trademark in its entirety, only adding the generic term “room”.

The disputed domain also resolves to a website displaying the Skype logo and links to third-party websites that are unrelated to the Skype business, “presumably for financial gain”, Hill said.

“The panel finds that the respondent’s use of the disputed domain name to maintain a pay-per-click site displaying links unrelated to the complainant and to generate click-through revenue constitutes bad faith registration.”

You can read the entire decision here.


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