MediaOptions and Andrew Rosener’ s Special Offer for NameSummit!



MediaOptions just announced on today’s  DomainSherpa Podcast a special to offer for one lucky NameSummit attendee – a chance to win an exclusive hour-long coaching session with Andrew Rosener.

Anyone who uses the discount code “MEDIAOPTIONS”, BEFORE midnight (EST) on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 will receive:

A NameSummit ticket for $199 (Save $100 on your ticket); and

Be entered for a chance to win an hour-long mentoring session with Andrew Rosener, Founder and CEO of MediaOptions Inc. and online media consultant.

The winner will be randomly drawn from eligible registrants* live at NameSummit 2017.  To be entered you must purchase a ticket using the Promo Code MEDIAOPTIONS before midnight (EST) Wednesday, July 19, 2017, no exceptions.

MediaOptions is an industry leading Domain Brokerage firm. They have facilitated millions of transactions and have become helped domainers from around the globe build their portfolios and develop their brands.

DomainSherpa connects domainers to industry experts, enabling even the smallest business to make informed decisions about their web presence. DomainSherpa will help you acquire, manage, and monetize domain names through in-depth articles, expert interviews, and by providing tools to determine the value of any domain.

The latest DomainSherpa podcast is packed with insight and advice from investors Andrew Rosener, Josh Eisenhower, and Shane Cultra. To hear the DomainSherpa Podcast and more about the contest click here.  (It’s a great show with many insights.  Andrew’s Offer is announced toward the end at the 81:15 mark).

To register for NameSummit, click here.   *For a chance to win and be entered into the random drawing you must use the Promo Code: “MEDIAOPTIONS”, before 12:00am EST, July 19, 2017.