Major Chinese bitcoin exchange founders “bitcoinizing” domain trades after 2 days at


As you see in this image, Huobi is one of the most popular bitcoin exchanges in China. What they are doing now is, copying the trading mechanisms used in cryptocurrency trades to domains in a new platform called is going to launch in 2 days.

Cryptocurrencies can be bought in fractions unlike domains. In a typical exchange, you can have a leverage of certain X your original funds. You can “long” or you can “short” a trade. Longing is using a leverage in hopes that the price is going to increase. Shorting will do the opposite. All this is going to come in domains used as assets. As per a tipoff I received from @apprich, a Namepros member as well as our Whatsapp group member, the bitcoin investors who registered in crosses 2500. So, will be domain trades handled like cryptocurrency trades. @apprich says one would be able to buy 0.0001 of via What this could mean is, influencing a good number of crypto only investors for domain names. There could be money flowing between these two digital investments then and I feel domain names will have the larger benefit. Domain name investments do not have the large marketcap of cryptocoins. Domain names are less volatile than crypto where big changes could happen in minutes. Turnover in domains might increase, hence the prices.


This is from the home page of All these guys worked at Houbi. They are not at present with Houbi but doing a “Houbi” with using domains! Houbi gets translated to “fire coins network” in English.

Their trading window looks exactly like a cryptocurrency exchange trade window. And the explanation of leveraged positions here matches the cryptocurrency trading system.

As of now 95% of the cryptocurrency investors know nothing about domain name investments. could make a difference. It is very welcoming guys from crypto background are starting something like this. I see as silver sponsors for the GDS Day summit. Their launch is synchronized with the summit.

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In my opinion, domain name investors can learn about Cryptocoin investing and vice versa and it will be mutually beneficial. Both are digital investment forms.

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