Longtime Namepros member Randy Pendleton has passed away


I was saddened to see a post by Michelle on Namepros that longtime member Randy Pendleton (Archangel) had passed away.

Randy was a bright guy who dealt with a lot of health problems in his life.

Randy was a member since June of 2004 and had over 10,000 posts.

Randy was a published writer and it’s amazing he could do all that with some of the ailments Randy suffered.

This was an open letter to the Namepros community back in 2006:

Hello NP’ers:

I’ve considered doing this for quite some time but I never felt that I should. But I’ve heard a few recent comments that swayed my opinion enough to do this. They say that every life has a story, no matter how inane. I have a story, too, which I feel you should read. I have it on a website that I own; I’ll do something more with the site at a later time. I’m asking you all to visit my site and read about my life–past and present. I am not making this request out of a desire for pity or to display arrogance/being pretentious. The story of my life isn’t a pretty one and as bad as my life is, I wanted to share it with people. Go to www.randypendleton.com and read up on my so-called life.

The story on RandyPendleton.com was written early last year, as a make-up assignment for college. I took a semester of college when I was about 21; I couldn’t go at 18 because of three major operations and many months of therapy that followed. I decided to stay home from college, after one semester, so I could devote my time into a writing career. I have my first novel written but it’ll be revised and polished throughout the summer and perhaps the early fall. I plan to start on my autobiography later this year, if nothing holds me back.

Jumping to the present, everything in the story still proves true. The loss of blood circulation in my legs is still present; surgery can never fix the problem without death being such a high risk. The tumors in my head and back, well, I’m not sure. I undergo an MRI on my brain & spine twice a year at the least. My next is scheduled for September. My hearing is still gone… I don’t know what keeps me running without hearing So many ppl have told me they’d kill themself had they lost their hearing, unable to make it through life being deaf. I’ve been deaf for almost 7 years now. I think the thing that keeps me going is faith. I have faith in that I should have a better life soon. I have faith that my hearing will be replaced in time (there are operations that give back partial hearing but right now, the tumors in my head won’t allow for it). Some say I’m crazy but I have faith and hope, both. Without those–not believing things will get better–I’d have killed myself long ago. But I’m still here and hopefully, I’ll be here for a long, long time.

I’ve had many people tell me the same thing: “If there’s anything I can do for you, please let me know.” I’ve read a thread that discussed the needs of a girl named Christine. I’ve long, long wanted to help her but seeing as I’m unemployed, due to my physical handicaps, I haven’t the chance to do so. I cannot be helped by another entity. Doctors cannot even save me. All I can do is hope that nothing gets worse and out of control. But it’s different with Christine. I do not know her nor does she know me. But I cannot bear to watch on as an innocent lies ill, in dire need of a miracle. If I had a thousand dollars, I’d send it her way. Unfortunately, I haven’t the money. If you’d like to help me in any way, please do me a favor and send a donation in Christine’s direction. If you have a dollar, 10 dollars, even a hundred–don’t splurge it on domains or web hosting. (Of course, if you know anyone who could help in any other way, such as a donor, please get them involved.) Life is short and it’s not always bright. My mother, for example, died of cancer at the young age of 32. Life is precious, moreso than you probably think. I wish that I could be saved but that likely will never happen. But you are given a chance to save a life–Christine’s. I don’t care about myself enough to put myself in front of another more deserving. She has my prayers; if I had several thousand dollars to give to her, she’s have more from me than that. Drop by this thread and lend a hand. It’d mean more to me than you might ever believe.

I want to say, for those who’ve offered me kind words, thank you for them. It really helps when ppl give me encouragement. Without it, I don’t know what I’d do. I sincerely hope you’re all healthy and in good shape. I wish that upon everyone. My case is pretty severe, thus I doubt I’ll ever be healthy in body. My healthy spirits, I believe, is as much compensation as I’ll ever get. Hopefully, that’ll be enough.


From a story back in 2014

His earlier attempts at a writing career were truncated following a diagnosis of neurofibromatosis type two (NF2) at the age of 16. Pendleton shunned the notion of normalcy, opting instead to adopt defeatism, to accept that he will never live a normal life.

Despite bilateral deafness and paralysis in his face and right hand, he continues on the alchemy of building a career utilizing his writing skills, with the pursuit of recognition in his eye–for himself and for the entire disabled community.

Read the full article here

Randy was last on Namepros just one week ago, selling a domain from the hospital.

My sincerest condolences to Randy’s family and friends. Rest in peace Randy and thanks for all you contributed.