If you have 10K USD, will you invest in Cryptocoins or Chinese domains?


I asked this question today in the Chinese domains Whatsapp group. I received many answers.

If you ask me what I think, my investment mind says to invest in Chinese domains which appear to be very lucrative at this point in time. I have myself paid 5K USD for 5n.com chips in 2015, which are now available for 1.3k USD. Earlier you couldn’t get your choicest patterns but now you can get those easily. My greedy mind which looks for a short term profit, which follows the trend, which has the herd mentality says to invest in crypto currency. So, it is a fight versus Wisdom and Greed, where Luck wins!

Shiva Kandula of Our.IN made an interesting observation:


He says the crypto currency market cap is not changing after the immense growth. The money is just shifting from one coin to another. If new money does not come in, a fall is imminent.  

You can see the cryptocurrency market capitalizations here. Scroll down to the bottom, you see the total capitalization. At the time of writing, it shows me $101,610,697,096 Crypto reached this figure after the immense media coverage and growth recently. Unless this changes to 150-200ish, we won’t see much upside in crypto. And the only way it can happen is via new money. I am not saying, it is not possible, but if I echo Shiva’s views, it is getting riskier now!!

Pat (Prathmesh Tokekar) said the majority of cryptocoin investors doesn’t study their investment or in which company or technology are they investing into. Just placing money over something with the hopes that they will multiply it. These new entrants who are not serious about their investment will be the first ones to take their money off off the market when they see slight downside.

Chinese domains LLLL.com chips 2 years graph

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