How to link your Domain Name Sales account to the Uniregistry Market


I’ve been using Domain Name Sales for years and with the release of Uniregistry Market somehow I missed the fact that you can actually connect the two. I stumbled across this when I was looking at Uniregistry’s You Tube channel and found a video walking users through the process. Here’s the video:

It’s a pretty simple change and I always feel like the more eyeballs you can get on your domains the more inbound offers you’ll get – makes sense right? Also, as I’ve said a million times before, I love the Uniregistry UX so anything I can do to spend more time in there, I’ll take it.

If you haven’t checked-out Uniregistry’s You Tube channel it’s definitely worth taking a look. They cover some pretty useful topics like bulk domain transfers, and some basics like “What is a domain name” which most of you already know but it’s a great primer for any friends that you want to get up to speed.

Oh, and if you scroll down to the very bottom there’s a great video by Frank Schilling about the evolution of the Internet and Domain Names – definitely a solid one if you have friends that don’t understand what the heck you’re doing with domain names and just a fun one to watch. Enjoy!

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