How much would you appraise for?


Today: Domain Negotiation Experience / Google downgrading Geo Domains / Relating world news to your domains / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news. sold for $4,000! – Nice to see another .tv sale.

Rates.Trade – Bitcoin Rates – Is Rates.Trade worth anything?

Fitbit bought their .com domain for $2000 – Not a bad deal.

Relating world news to your domains – Does anyone else do this?

Google downgrading Geo Domains – I would like to think that’s it’s more a case of pooe quality content and seo than a geo-devalue target.

Domain Negotiation Experience – This is an interesting case study on domain negotiation. It may have not ended in a sale, but the experience and detail can be very helpful to others.

How much would you appraise for? – Do you have a few minutes to give your appraisal?

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