HH.com Domain Name Changes Hands (Updated)


According to Whois records, it appears that the high value HH.com domain name has sold. Based on the current Whois records showing the domain name is registered to an escrow account at 62.com, it would appear that the domain name was acquired by a China based domain name registrant. I noted the Whois change in my daily DomainTools Whois Monitor alert email, and George Kirikos also wrote about it on Twitter this morning: Another elite 2-letter .com domain name changes hands, as https://t.co/LkakbzxhKT heads to China. 🇨🇳 pic.twitter.com/dG4jzMm1tk — George Kirikos (@GeorgeKirikos) June 11, 2017 Prior to the most recent → Read More

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