Here is how high reserves can help You and the Market


As you all know, Chinese domains have shed more than 50% of its value from its peak. How would you tackle this situation? You have these options:

1) You can sell for a loss.

2) You can hold for the market to improve.

I want you to look at another option. Keep reserves in such a way that you won’t be at a loss if sold.

Let’s look at the advantages of this option. You are sending a signal to the market that you are not willing to sell for current market price. Market bear/bull cycle depends on the demand-supply equation. If the supply is less at the current market price, market is automatically under pressure to improve its prices. You got the point!

Secondly, believe me or not, sales do happen at the price in 2015!!! I have myself sold a for over 6K USD last month. Learning this, one of my friends repeated the same. In both these cases, reserve was the key. It doesn’t happen always, but it do happen.

Why did domains like,,,, etc. go for higher prices? price is around 1050 USD only.,,, etc. went for higher than market prices. chips are at 1200 USD.

If a sale happen, it gets recorded and it further helps the market.

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