Greeting domain of has been launched for a website | Chinese Market Daily Report on 04-27-2017


DOMAIN SALES was acquired by a Chinese company, called JingGe Mall, it’s a TOOLS & HARDWARE B2B company. Their website used to use domain of before acquired It’s much easier to remember new domain of than According to the seller, the sale price was a seven-figure CNY price.

The domain name of belongs to Yao Jingbo, CEO of At present, has been launched for a project on Time E-commerce platform, called 你好 According to the page of “About us”, the goal is to share people’s time. Nihao, it’s a greeting in the Chinese language. I believe most of you know it’s meaning, even can speak it. It’s a Chinese word as popular as English word “Hi”. Then I searched the domain name of, it’s still has not been used. was auctioned for ¥165,000 CNY (approximately $23,879 USD), but didn’t meet its reserve price. was auctioned for ¥62,000 CNY (approximately $8,972 USD). was auctioned for ¥39,000 CNY (approximately $5,644 USD). was auctioned for ¥38,000 CNY (approximately $5,499 USD). was auctioned for ¥9,888 CNY (approximately $1,431 USD).

According to,  current market price of four-letter domain names is between ¥8,100 CNY ($1,172 USD) to ¥8,170 CNY ($1,182 USD), more than 200 domains were sold for that price range in recent 24 hours.


According to’s data, on April 26th , the total sales volume was 8090,  and the total sales turnover was ¥3,953,668 CNY (approximately $572,182 USD).