Google took a very strong stance on


Google’s action disconnected domain name from its website.

When Google said yesterday that it was “cancelling Daily Stormer’s registration with Google Domains”, a lot of questions were left open. What did it mean by “cancelling”? Would it just tell the site owner to transfer the domain elsewhere?

Google ended up putting the domain in ClientHold status, which was somewhat of a nuclear option. The domain appears to be stuck at Google Domains for now, but will not resolve because of this status.

GoDaddy’s move was much easier: it just told the site owner he needed to move the domain elsewhere. Kick the problem to someone else.

In some ways, Google’s hands were a bit more tied. Since the domain was just transferred to Google Domains, it had a 60-day lock in place that prevented its transfer elsewhere. Depending on how you read ICANN’s transfer policy, it might have been able to avoid the restriction and let the domain be transferred.

It’s possible that there is activity going on behind the scenes here. But the decision to transfer to Google Domains was poorly thoughts out by the site owner.

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