GoDaddy aftermarket not getting paid out on Ebates


There was some discussion last month about GoDaddy auctions and Ebates. As many know ebates allows members to receive cash back from their selected partners. Most companies have some exceptions. For GoDaddy that restriction is aftermarket products. You cannot win a name for $500 and get 10% back if you are using Ebates.

Now there was a poster on Namepros who said he was getting paid for his aftermarket purchases and it was as high as 18%. I looked up the Ebates terms for GoDaddy.

Dominic was posting to another member and said the following, to which I replied to Dominic.

Not for Aftermarket

GoDaddy: Cash Back is not available on Aftermarket Products, Gift Cards, Sunrise/Landrush domain registrations and Round up for Charity donations. Cash Back will not be rewarded by GoDaddy on domains purchased in bulk (groups of 6 or more and including bulk renewals). Cart must be empty at time of click from Ebates, and all items added after click to receive Cash Back. Cash Back will be rewarded by GoDaddy to a customer on up to thirty (30) transactions, or transactions totaling $5000.00 total cost, in any 30-day calendar period. Use of coupon codes outside of Ebates may void Cash Back.

Dominic replied:

Ok then he would get 18% on $5000 only.
When it says “not available on Aftermaker products” What does that mean?

I always get my return when I buy on GD auctions (isn’t that aftermarket) and when I buy GD Closeouts.

I had a couple people pm me if this was true? I said I don’t think Dominic is lying but as I read it, there should be no cashback.

I contacted Joe Styler from GoDaddy, he made a post today, clearing things up:

We don’t let people get cash back on the auctions. The reason behind that is we want each bidder to be on a level playing field, which is also the reason we only take bids in US dollars. We want everyone’s bid to cost the same amount so you be be confident that if you are willing to pay $100 for a domain the person bidding against you is also paying $100 for their bid not 18% less or anything less. That concept of an equal bid for all parties is very important to us.