Dot Web vs. Dot Net


Some people actually think Dot Web could eventually end up being a threat to Dot Com, using “Everyone knows what Web is, what’s a *Com*?” as the main argument or if you will, the fact that “Web” is a more meaningful term on the right of the dot than “Com”.

I genuinely hope none of my readers believe this.

However, if you do, I’d like to bring a term that’s even more meaningful than “Web” do your attention: “Net” :)

I don’t know about you guys but I for one consider “Net” a much better term than “Web” (which is a lot less widely used than in the past!).

Yet here we are in 2017, with Dot Net having been around all along, yet Dot Com is by FAAAAAR the king.

It’s ultimately all a matter of adoption.

The market has chosen Dot Com.

Is it the most meaningful string of letters in the world?

Of course not.

Dot Web is indeed more meaningful than Dot Com and Dot Net is more meaningful than Dot Web… so what?

The market always has the final word.

As Rick Schwartz used to say, you have billions upon billions of dollars being spent reinforcing the Dot Com brand each month.

What’s the world’s most popular email service?

Gmail… Dot Com.

What’s the world’s most popular video platform?

YouTube… Dot Com.

… the world’s most popular search engine?

Google… Dot Com.

… the world’s most popular book sales venue?

Amazon… Dot Com.

… the list could go on and on.

Each time Dot Com appears on a billboard, the brand ends up being reinforced.

It’s not because Amazon or Ebay or whomever want to actively promote Dot Com, it’s simply because it’s so ridiculously widely used that no advertising effort could possibly threaten that.

I find it funny how some new gTLD registries ask ICANN to spend money promoting new extensions.

Let’s assume ICANN spends $100,000,000… which it will NOT… but even if a miracle were to happen and they would, it would be a drop in the bucket compared to the promotion Dot Com is receiving each and every day without Verisign having to lift a finger.

Do I believe Dot Web will do better than most new gTLDs?


All new gTLDs?


But even in the best case scenario, its battle would end up being with Dot Net, a battle Dot Web would lose by a wide, wide margin.

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