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When I was a kid I watched my Dad spend all day at work trying to prove to others (and maybe himself) that he was a good businessman.  He put countless hours in at work.  He always disguised his lack of paying attention at home as an attempt to provide for his family.  It was a part of family life for millions of families in the 80s and before.  I was a little more aware than most young kids.  Most kids just wanted their parents at home.  I wanted them home too but I also liked having a nicer home.  I liked having “cool” shoes and knew that my parents had to work hard to get them and I appreciated it. I selfishly was willing to give up a little family time for some superficial things that made me happy.  I also knew early the when I became a parent and had a family I was going to try and figure out how to have both.  A family that did stuff together AND have some nice things.

My parents taught me a lot.  Some of it was from bad examples, some from good.  I learned hard work from my Dad and how to smile and enjoy life from my Mom.   Later in life, my Dad gave me opportunity to create my own business by working with him and my Mom taught me that raising your kids is the biggest paycheck you’ll ever get.  She also told me don’t rely on my Dad and to make my own path  (you can tell they got divorced later 🙂 which made me get in to domain investing and create an entire other income to have just in case the nursery didn’t work out.

But it did work out.   It worked out because of my environment.  An environment that was conducive for success.  Some was probably genetic because I instinctively graduate towards certain things.  But much of it was from just looking around and seeing what seemed like normal.  It’s what I’ve now started for the next generation, my daughter.   I’ve created a normal around her of hard work, curiosity, trying new things, love, and confidence.   And then I let her go.   I don’t really tell her anything.  I just do and know she is watching.  She see’s my typing out stuff like this which tells her its good to be open and honest.  That an honest life is one worth sharing.  That your problems and successes are merely part of the journey and that many others have been there and done that. What you experience probably isn’t new but people enjoy hearing it from a different point of view.

She sees that if you want to be good at something you have to make time and put in the hours to get there.  That I get up early so I can do something I really want to do but I can still be there to have breakfast with her every single day.    That I built a house close to my work so I can work long hours but be home more than most because I spend less than 5 minutes a day commuting to work.   That alone time by yourself is very valuable.  That time with friends is just as valuable as with your family.   That being your own boss is fantastic but learning to work with others and even for others can get you just as far.

In short.  We all go through life growing up, watching, and waiting for our turn.  And then it comes.  And that’s what people are going to remember you for.  What did you do with your turn?  What did you leave when you got it?  And I feel pretty good with what I did with my shot.

So if you see a name here you like buy it.  I still like the “cool” shoes.  Here are today’s names. Click for most recent price  

Quote of the Day: Worry is like a rocking chair, it will give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere” -Vance Havner 

Domain of the Day:    Everyone wants to be famous. And you’re going to be

Namejet Auctions    Been up for sale a few times and it’s been a great name the entire time   One of the most popular names in the Spanish speaking world. 1995 name  Duuuuuuuude  Good letters and the Chinese are going to like it as well  But this type presents a better value to me.  Vowels are great in most cases.  Although I don’t buy names with U unless it at the beginning.  United is never at at the end   Not a ton of value but I like it.  With all this emotional anger at the President its nice to find some boring   One of my favorite CVCVs over the last few weeks  Bar or saloon all the way     So many people do it on a daily basis.  I’m doing it now      Solid name for a tattoo shop   Charlie Murphy.  Rest his soul   Probably the last major tld you’ll be able to own with this word


Flippa Auction Names

30 (THIRTY) KEYWORD RICH .COM, Domain Names, and Chinese Lucky Number Combinations!!!

 Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids    Upgrade name for several companies.  20 years old    936,000 google results and 21 bidders   Gonna cross $5K .  5Ns still got it    SEO names still sell for good prices.  But never use SEO services from a company that doesn’t rank for their own domain name   Most bids on the GD board today   I assume their seeing go kart here based on the bids     London has been smart a while because this is 15 years old   Special secret buys. The exact opposite of Prime Day    I would absolutely buy my blades at Sugar Shave Not a great but its still a A for association and K for something Nevada Bacterial Diseases

Domains That I Like With One or No Bids Some guys like to talk grass, some like to talk turf A bit generic but would look good in an Adsense ad. There are many uses for domains besides a brand name They’re all hungry, they’re Vegan Fintech name sneaking through


One of the Better Numeric Days  These are the kind of 5Ns I believe are investment quality


Other Domains With Bids
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