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One thing that bothers me in the US is the thought that children that are handed things by their parents haven’t earned what they have because they were give a head start or leg up.  There are a lot of “legs up” in this world from a better education, a lucky break, where you are located.  There are just as many stories of people that were given an entity and drove it into the ground as there are of people that continued the success or made it better.  But when you given a valuable asset people bring out the silver spoon description.

A good example that most of you didn’t even realize is David Benioff.  One of the creators of Game of Thrones.  Dave’s real name is actually David Friedman.   My presumption was he changed his name so he wouldn’t be labeled.  David’s father is the former chairman of Goldman Sachs, Steven Friedman,  and at one point in time, one of the most important men in Finance.   He made tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars over the years.   Did Steven give him money to finance the show?  I don’t know.  But he certainly gave David an opportunity to get a great education and pursue his dream of being a writer without ever having to worry about how to pay the bills.  That gift gave us the Game of Thrones.  A phenomenon that has become a part of most of our lives over the years.  And all because he came from a wealthy family that gave him a “leg up”.

When I am in New York I have stayed with the Friedmans a few times(my friend is part of the family) and had a good talk about the pressures of being the next generation. The pressure is greater to succeed because the bar is set so high.  I talked about the responsibilities of having a 5th generation business and all the employees.   If I succeeded,  I was supposed to, if I failed I had all the advantages and I still failed.    It was great to talk to a family that understood it better than anyone.  David overcame the expectations with Game of Thrones.  He would always be known as the person that started GOT and not as Steven Friedman’s son.    He wanted his own identity.  I tripled the sales of my company.  Not quite GOT but I too got to the point where it was now mine and I was no longer thought of as the son but as a separate owner.  We both got out of a shadow and now cast our own.  He just has a tens of millions of dollars stacked to make his shadow.  And mine is a large shrub.

Also.  Make sure to check out this week’s Domain Sherpa. Josh from DSAD makes his debut on the show (he was on the All DSAD show) and adds great new insights from another side of domain investing.  And Drew is asked about  You can see what he said   Here are today’s names. Click for most recent price  

Quote of the Day:   I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” -Susan Sontag

Domain of the Day:      10 bids.  A person that plays music videos is what comes to mind but I’m old and remember MTV when they actually were relevant and played music videos

Namejet Auctions  Not really a term anyone uses but everyone still knows what it is so it can be a good brand. 1995 name  Popular first name in much of the world and the price proves it  Going to do very very well in this environment   Collectible name that Asia seems to still covet    Obvious use    Video games and chicken wings.  The perfect combo.  Or just video games   I still like these NNL names.  Think they are easy to remember and make a good brand  I guarantee it doesn’t go under $800.  That’s the price I read that CHIPs were at.  Guarantee it goes above that  I sold this via Namejet and its back up for sale   Lots of bidders on this

Portfolio of 128 domains.   Great if you like aged and Dot Co

 Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   So many uses for this.  I like nutri and nutra names because so many products use it   It certainly is and the ups and downs lately are showing how much   Would have been a great sub domain but since we’re not doing that anymore its half a name   All the bids think Z makes it cooler  Wallet names are hot right now.  Most bids on the GD board today  Probably adult but you could…..never mind, all adult.  Ironically name is 19 years old also   Everyone likes interesting   Getting lots of bids.  Female Art?    Getting four figure bids.  I think Gender    I use a similar company for employee background screening   Fintech   short and easy to spell.  What you look for in a name   The opposite of Tinder    I just like the flow of this one.

Domains That I Like With One or No Bids This is such a better name than most of the payment and escrow companies I see. My favorite is PayCock A dying sport but no bids? Some people still like romance. You’ll need this if you have . 1997 domain Probably could have a whole site just for lefty things. Even just golf Do This was the kind of name and content of every sight in 2007 Can be more than just a book or selling books. No bids Female form of potato. And I made that up Save yourself about 100K by throwing an E in front of it I don’t usually recommend buildout names but this is an easy one. Not sure if this is a sexist name or not but I know exactly what would be sold here I think tanning booth but could be anything related to light It’s a dot net but I think we could eventually have bitcoin cards that we swipe or NCR Great marketing name for someone that offers a service that does exactly this

Other Domains With Bids
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