Chinese domain name investment made simple for Cryptocoin investors


I am active in Chinese domain investment as well as Cryptocoin investment alike. We have Whatsapp groups for both. I influenced many domain investors to start Cryptocoin investing but the vice versa was not very easy. The problem is that the Cryptocoin investors are not really able to understand what this opportunity is. Knowing this will help you in troubled times as both these investments are digital in form.

Remember each market has a bull-bear cycle. It cannot always be a bull cycle.  The bears will come. Crypto is having a bull cycle where Chinese domains have tested the bottom.

You could use Chinese domains as a hedge or even make pure profit as an alternative investment method. I am trying to explain the basics of Chinese domains investment in Crypto terms. It is actually very simple if you follow along!

Look at the table below.

Crypto Currency analogy for domain names investment

Niche (Coin Name) Example Analogy Current Price (USD) Total Supply Market Cap (USD)
4L.CC – No vowels or V BRHN.CC Lisk 21 160000 3360000
4L.CN – Contains vowels or V LCUF.CN Dogecoin 22 456976 10053472 – No 0/4 376356.COM Augur 33 262144 8650752
4L.NET – No vowels or V XSBQ.NET Iconomi 47 160000 7520000
4L.CN – No vowels or V CZBQ.CN Gnosis 145 160000 23200000 – Contains vowels or V Veritaseum 166 456976 75858016 – Contains 0/4 Siacoin 293 100000 29300000
3L.NET – Contains vowels or V QZO.NET BitConnect 438 17576 7698288
3L.CC – No vowels or V QNL.CC ByteCoin 673 8000 5384000
3L.CN – Contains vowels or V GAU.CN AntShares 879 17576 15449304 – No vowels or V Golem 1114 160000 178240000 – No 0/4 Waves 1290 32768 42270720
4N.CN – No 0/4 7562.CN Steem 1393 4096 5705728
3L.NET – No vowels or V ZHC.NET Zcash 1988 8000 15904000
3L.CN – No vowels or V JZF.CN EOS 3470 8000 27760000
3N.NET – Contains 0/4 097.NET BitShares 6877 1000 6877000
3N.CN – Contains 0/4 469.CN Stratis 6894 1000 6894000
3N.CC – No 0/4 289.CC Monero 11411 512 5842432 – Contains 0/4 IOTA 17109 10000 171090000
3N.NET – No 0/4 276.NET Dash 17308 512 8861696 – Contains vowels or V Ethereum Classic 17597 17576 309284872 – No 0/4 NEM 29329 4096 120131584
3N.CN – No 0/4 731.CN Litecoin 32270 512 16522240 – No vowels or V Ripple 33142 8000 265136000 – Contains 0/4 Ethereum 36662 1000 36662000 – No 0/4 Bitcoin 349026 512 178701312

The first column is Niche aka different types of domain name categories. In Crypto terms, let’s call them Coins. N = Number. L = Letter.  So, when you are investing in a niche (coin) you are buying a domain name (1 coin unit) that belongs to that category. Each niche (Coin) has a price attached to its one unit. This price is tracked, centralized, and displayed in different websites just like crypto currency tickers in Poloniex, Bittrex etc.

The price goes up or down as per demand and supply equations just like cryptocoins. To track prices over a period in each niche (coin) there are graphs, just like cryptocurrency charts.

Why Chinese domains?

  • It is one of the sought after investment method for Chinese. These have an intrinsic value and are traded like stocks. Nonchinese can benefit by joining.
  • It is digital, requires no paperwork.
  • You can carry your asset along.
  • No risk of losing the assets because you can never lose your domain as these are centralized by domain name governing bodies.
  • Just one domain name can be used to park a 5-6 figure USD value.
  • Highly liquid.
  • Limited supply for each niche (Coin)
  • Huge growth of internet adoption in China and real use case to develop these domains

Similarities with Crypto investment:

  1. Digital
  2. No paperwork

Unlike Crypto investment:

  1. Depends on China.
  2. Needs yearly maintenance fee per domain (per unit of your Coin).
  3. Not susceptible to hack, loss of asset.
  4. Can’t buy fractions of 1 unit of a coin.

Where do you buy and sell these domains?

Just like Poloniex, Bittrex etc. we do have websites like NameJet, Pheenix, etc.

What to do if you are newbie?

We are glad to welcome you to our Whatsapp group to learn.

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