Behind the Brandable Keyword: Ninja


Officially a ninja is some sort of highly trained guerrilla warrior or mercenary in medieval Japan. In modern day however ninja are mostly seen as a myth that derives from a combination of old folk tales and modern day popular culture. For those of you like me, who grew up in the 80s your association with ninjas is most likely one of the awesome guys on the right or Yoshimitsu from the fighting video game franchise Tekken.  During the last few years, however, the word Ninja has been synonym with a range of mostly positive characteristics such as agility, stealth & camouflage, control, mindfulness and zen-like calmness.

Because of the positive connotations company names ending or starting with Ninja have become increasingly popular over the past few years and quite a few of these newly founded companies have grown into successful start-ups.

Some examples are:

  • Ninja Metrics develops technologies for social analytics. It offers an engine that allows companies to measure the key influencers in their social game or mobile app. The company has raised almost $8 million dollars in funding to date.
  • Invoice Ninja is a SaaS startup offering free online time tracking and open-source invoicing. The company is self-funded and has seen healthy growth since it was founded in 2014.
  • Live Ninja was a video-chat and Messenger startup based out of Florida. The company raised a total of $3 million dollars in funding before it was acquired by telecom company Net2Phone earlier this year.
  • This article wouldn’t be complete without a shout-out to our very own Bill Sweetman, the Ninja behind domain name acquisition firm Name Ninja. Bill and his team have helped countless companies acquire their dream domain name over the years. 

All of the above companies own the matching .com domain name for their brand. Although most sales in this category have remained private and unreported there are still plenty of public sales figures for domain names including the Ninja kewyord. Some of the largest ones include:

Domain Price Venue $18,000 Private $10,621 Sedo $6,120 Afternic $5,411 Sedo $4,999 GoDaddy $3,000 Flippa $2,500 GoDaddy $2,500 Afternic $2,275 Efty $2,000 SnapNames

Do you own or have you sold any Hero domain names? Let us know in the comments.

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