Behind the Brandable Keyword: Hero


Over the years both Keith and I have written a lot about keyword-based brandable domain names. Their popularity among newly started companies has overtaken the demand for a completed invented name over the years. Personally, I began to focus on acquiring more keyword brandables around 3 years ago and they have outperformed the invented names in my portfolio by miles in terms of end-user sales. In this new series, I want to focus on one particular keyword at the time starting with Hero.

Company names ending in Hero have always been popular but the last few years we have seen many new startups with a Hero name making huge waves and securing big rounds of funding. Some examples are:

  • Food delivery startup Delivery Hero raised almost 2 billion dollars in funding and went public with a listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange earlier this year.
  • Digital learning platform Course Hero has raised $17.39 million dollars in funding to date and is one of the 20 most visited education websites in the world.
  • Data visualization and big data startup DataHero were acquired by Cloudability last year after it raised more than $10 million dollard in venture funding.
  • Financial services startup LoanHero provides financing for the important things in life. The company has raised almost $5 million dollars in funding to date.

All of the above companies own the matching .com domain name for their brand. Although most sales in this category have remained private and unreported there are still plenty of public sales figures for domain names ending in Hero. Some of the largest ones include:

Domain Price Venue 27,500 USD Sedo 9,900 USD Afternic 7,000 USD Sedo 6,061 USD Uniregistry 6,000 USD Uniregistry 5,000 USD Sedo 5,000 USD Sedo 4,699 USD Sedo 4,500 USD Afternic 4,225 USD Afternic

Do you own or have you sold any Hero domain names? Let us know in the comments.

Some interesting brandables coming up for auction at NameJet this week include:

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