Behind the Brandable Keyword: Bright


Good brandable keywords don’t always have to be a noun such as Hero, Ninja or Geek.  Adjectives can also make a fantastic brand both as a single word or when combined with another word in a two-keyword brand name.  Just as with nouns we often see words with positive and uplifting connotations.  Bright is exactly such a word. It has a broad range of super positive meanings such as filled with light, vivid or brilliant, quick-witted or intelligent, lively and cheerful.

For this reason, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the word Bright is included in a large number of brand and company names.  A company search for the keyword Bright on LinkedIn alone brings up more than 14,000 companies.  An interesting fact is that LinkedIn acquired the job search startup for $120 million back in 2014 and the matching .com now forwards to LinkedIn’s own job search.

Some randomly selected start-ups that have the word Bright in their name include:

  • BrightCrowd calls itself the “The Smarter Professional Network”. They aim to move professional networking beyond just collecting 500+ random connections to help you actually engage the talented people in your extended network who can help you succeed. The company purchased the matching .com domain name for just $500 back in 2011 on Sedo.
  • BrightFarms is pioneering the future of local, low-impact farming. The agriculture startup raised $57.9M in funding to develop a cutting-edge, scalable solution to Americans’ increasing demand for local and sustainable food.
  • Bright Bot is an app development company focused on building compelling educational apps that focus on simple content creation tools for kids. The companies noble goal is to bring imagination and creation to the forefront of children’s lives. They bought the matching domain for only $1,000 on Afternic in 2013.
  • Last up we have BrightEdge, a very well established SEO platform which is venture-backed by some of the top venture capitalists in the Silicon Valley. They employ more than 300 employees and raised $61.9M in funding to date.  They only paid $1,000 for the matching .com at Sedo back in 2011

All of the above companies own the matching .com domain name for their brand. Although most sales in this category have remained private and unreported there are still plenty of public sales figures for domain names including the Bright keyword. Some of the largest ones include:

Domain Name Price Venue $112,500 Sedo $28,000 Sedo $15,000 Uniregistry $6,000 Flippa $5,900 GoDaddy $5,300 DropCatch $4,689 Afternic $3,737 NameJet $3,288 Afternic $2,869 Sedo

Do you own or have you sold any Bright domain names? Let us know in the comments.

Some great brandables coming up for auction at NameJet this week include:

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