Art Malkov



New York City veteran Art Malkov will be one of the major speakers at NameSummit 2017 this summer to discuss digital marketing as it pertains to branding, SEO, social media, content and design.

Art brings his years of experience in the digital branding world to the stage this August. He is currently a partner with NeedGrowth, a digital agency that focuses on bringing together UX design, SEO, lead acquisition, social media management and content for integrated digital marketing. Major projects include scaling up the popular media site, Spoiled.NYC.

Art was a key player in founding Meetup.NYC. As an expert in SEO and domains, the top level domain for the City of New York, .NYC, made sense to him. The extension represents the excitement and energy of New York City and allows companies to associate their brand with those emotions, SEO and branding quality.

Art helped create Meetup.NYC to bring together New York City and tech enthusiasts interested in developing .NYC domain names. The venture has successfully grown to over 1,000 members. Those attending NameSummit this summer will have the opportunity to purchase .NYC Top Level Domains during an online auction hosted by Undeveloped.

During his digital career, Art has developed top brands like Souvenirs NYC, an eCommerce platform, which is at the top of the search engines for the major keywords. He is one of the key players advising the BlockchainDriven initiative, exploring the latest tech and innovation in the digital tech space.

We are excited to have Art as a speaker at NameSummit this summer and to bring his expertise and share his secrets on the importance of digital branding and how it reflects on everything that we do in the digital space.

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