81 newly funded startups and their domain names: Acko.com, GameMine.com, Gixo.com


$358,385,600 in funding was raised by 81 new startup companies last week. More than 79% of these companies launched with a .com domain name with the ccTLDs being a very distant second with 7.4%.  We have two startups on the list that went with a new domain extension for their companies: Paris-based finance education platform InvestiGroup which went with Investi.Group and Infonesia, an Indonesian knowledge sharing platform which can be found at Infonesia.fyi

Some domain names that I like on this list include those of Acko General Insurance which is an upcoming general insurance company in India that just raised a cool $30M to disrupt India’s insurance industry through a digital-only model. The matching Acko.com domain name seems to be acquired from brandable domain name marketplace Brandroot.com where the domain name was listed with a $23,498 price tag. I also like Los Angeles-based mobile game publisher GameMine which is using the matching GameMine.com domain name. Historial sales data shows the domain name was purchased for $596 on GoDaddy Auctions in 2016 and flipped a few months later for $3,400 at Sedo.  A profitable flip but considering the company just raised $20M in funding you can argue that the seller most likely left money on the table. Last up there’s San Fransisco-based Gixo which offers motivational, professional coaches teaching live classes to people of all fitness levels in all locations with the goal of making exercise more accessible in people’s busy lives. The company can be found at the matching Gixo.com domain name.

Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
Acko General Insurance Venture $30,000,000 Acko.com .com
FS Card Venture $30,000,000 FSCardInc.com .com
Prumentum Group Series A $25,000,000 Prumentum.com .com
Frontier Car Group Venture $22,000,000 FrontierCargroup.com .com
GameMine Series A $20,000,000 GameMine.com .com
Aabloo Venture $15,000,000 Aabloo.com .com
Affinity, Inc Venture $14,000,000 Affinity.co .co
Urban Place Venture $12,000,000 UrbanPlace.me .me
Metro Phoenix Bank Venture $10,000,000 MetroPhoenixBank.com .com
Arvind Internet Limited Venture $10,000,000 Creyate.com .com
Skinny Labs, Inc Series A $8,000,000 Spin.pm .pm
Trove Series A $8,000,000 MyTrove.com .com
Qlearsite – Organisational Science Series A $7,700,000 Qlearsite.com .com
Merlon Intelligence Seed $7,650,000 MerlonIntelligence.com .com
Scopio Venture $7,000,000 ScopioLabs.com .com
Carpe Data Series A $6,600,000 Carpe.io .io
Rulai Venture $6,500,000 Rul.ai .ai
Upfront Healthcare Services Series A $6,000,000 UpfrontHealthcare.com .com
Ivbar Institute AB Venture $5,610,000 ivbar.com .com
Seraph Biosciences, Inc Venture $5,000,000 Seraspec.com .com
Concure Oncology Venture $5,000,000 BreastMicroseed.com .com
Soft Space Series A $5,000,000 SoftSpace.com.my .com.my
SkyX Venture $5,000,000 SkyX.com .com
Spruce Holdings Series A $4,500,000 Spruce.co .co
Pai Skincare Series A $4,500,000 PaiSkincare.com .com
Stanley Robotics Venture $4,040,000 Stanley-Robotics.com .com
Intelledox Venture $4,000,000 Intelledox.com .com
Gixo Series A $3,700,000 Gixo.com .com
GraniteShares Seed $3,500,000 GraniteShares.com .com
Inflowz Seed $3,500,000 Inflowz.com .com
Peltarion Venture $3,400,000 Peltarion.com .com
Mobaro Venture $3,010,000 Mobaro.com .com
Pi Ventures Seed $3,000,000 PiVentures.in .in
PureSec Seed $3,000,000 PureSec.io .io
Interact Group Venture $3,000,000 InteractGroupIntl.com .com
Favstay Series A $2,900,000 FavStay.com .com
SaveMoneyCutCarbon Venture $2,870,000 SaveMoneyCutCarbon.com .com
MortgageGym Seed $2,610,000 MortgageGym.com .com
Embrace.io Seed $2,500,000 Embrace.io .io
Antilatency Seed $2,100,000 Antilatency.com .com
Granite Media Seed $2,000,000 GraniteMedia.com .com
Paragon One Seed $2,000,000 ParagonOne.com .com
IronCore Labs Seed $2,000,000 IronCoreLabs.com .com
Bowery Seed $1,750,000 Boweryres.com .com
Lusionsoft Seed $1,740,000 LusionSoft.com .com
Florismart Venture $1,690,000 Florismart.com .com
Aframes Eyewear Venture $1,500,000 AFramesEyewear.com .com
Inamo Seed $1,500,000 Inamo.com .com
Meta SaaS Seed $1,500,000 MetaSaas.com .com
HubHaus Seed $1,400,000 TheHubHaus.com .com
Swineguard Series A $1,300,000 SwineTech.co .co
Authlete Seed $1,200,000 Authlete.com .com
Avicanna Inc Seed $1,190,000 Avicanna.com .com
Sleeknote Venture $1,130,000 Sleeknote.com .com
InvestiGroup Angel $1,120,000 Investi.Group .group
American Robotics Seed $1,100,000 American-Robotics.com .com
SensoryX Seed $1,030,000 SensoryX.com .com
Arrevus Venture $1,000,000 Arrevus.com .com
StaffConnect Group Seed $1,000,000 StaffConnectApp.com .com
Regnosys Seed $900,000 Regnosys.com .com
Kanabo Research Ltd Seed $500,000 KanaboResearch.com .com
EatOut.co.ke Venture $500,000 Eatout.co.ke .co.ke
Feast It Seed $443,130 Feast-it.com .com
WireFlare Seed $400,000 WireFlare.com .com
Linear Diagnostics Limited Seed $389,590 LinearDiagnostics.com .com
Aiqueous Seed $250,000 Aiqueous.com .com
Nebula Health Angel $250,000 NebulaHealth.com .com
Cerebreon Technologies Seed $112,230 Cerebreon.com .com
Camboticket Seed $100,000 CamboTicket.com .com
MealPro Seed $100,000 MealPro.net .net
Wurqs Angel $78,190 Wurqs.com .com
SkillView.io Seed $22,460 Skillview.io .io
HipPeas Venture Undisclosed HipPeas.com .com
SpectX Seed Undisclosed SpectX.com .com
MBO Partners Venture Undisclosed MBOPartners.com .com
Citizen Hex Seed Undisclosed CitizenHex.com .com
Things Mobile Venture Undisclosed ThingsMobile.com .com
TolerogenixX Seed Undisclosed ToleroGenixx.com .com
Green Care Network Angel Undisclosed GreenCareNetwork.com .com
JobNet Myanmar Series A Undisclosed Jobnet.com.mm .com.mm
Infonesia Seed Undisclosed Infonesia.fyi .fyi

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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