79 newly funded startups and their domain names: MoneyTap.com, Make.tv, Lanla.com


Last week, $265,570,900 in venture capital was raised by 79 new startup companies. More than 67% of these companies launched with a .com domain name with the ccTLDs being a strong second again with a stake of almost 19%.  For the second week in a row, there is not a single startup on the list this week that decided to use a new domain name extension.

Some domain names that I like on this week’s list include those of Bangalore, India-based MoneyTap which is the countries first app-based credit line. The MoneyTap.com sold for just $305 on GoDaddy auctions in 2014 according to NameBio. I also like Make.tv, a Seatle-based SaaS provider for TV stations and publishers that reinvent content acquisition and discovery for live mobile video production. The matching Make.tv works very well in my opinion. Last up, I also like Lanla, a customer research platform based in Canada which just raised its first round of financing.


Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
Ponycar Venture $22,000,000 iPonycar.com .com
ART Medical Venture $20,000,000 ArtMedical.com .com
Kolonial Venture $17,780,000 Kolonial.no .no
Pivotal Commware Venture $17,000,000 PivotalCommware.com .com
Lucid Group Communications Venture $14,020,000 Lucid-Group.co.uk .co.uk
Mindstrong Health Series A $14,000,000 MindstrongHealth.com .com
MoneyTap Series A $12,300,000 MoneyTap.com .com
Atrium LTS Seed $10,500,000 AtriumLTS.com .com
Tusker Medical Venture $10,230,000 TuskerMed.com .com
ORUM Therapeutics Series A $8,000,000 OrumRX.com .com
Evasc Neurovascular Enterprises Series A $7,570,000 Evasc.com .com
Scenic Biotech Series A $7,280,000 ScenicBiotech.com .com
Make. TV Inc. Venture $7,250,000 Make.tv .tv
TreasureHunt Series A $6,000,000 TreasureHuntStudios.com .com
Nomadic VR Seed $6,000,000 NomadicVR.net .net
Shopmatic Series A $5,700,000 GoShopmatic.com .com
Spry Health Series A $5,500,000 SpryHealth.com .com
Covr Financial Technologies Venture $5,000,000 CovrTech.com .com
HLTH Venture $5,000,000 HLTH.co .co
ZenIQ.io Seed $4,600,000 Zeniq.io .io
Fairy Seed $4,100,000 ItsFairy.com .com
GeoQuant Seed $4,000,000 GeoQuant.io .io
Compliance.ai Venture $4,000,000 Compliance.ai .ai
eTribez Venture $3,500,000 eTribez.com .com
Stitch Golf Venture $3,000,000 StitchGolf.com .com
Zenomics Venture $2,800,000 ZenomicsBico.com .com
Mrs Wordsmith Seed $2,540,000 MrsWordsmith.com .com
ZineOne Seed $2,500,000 ZineOne.com .com
Lanla Venture $2,500,000 Lanla.com .com
See Jane Go Angel $2,470,000 SeeJaneGo.co .co
Happydemics Venture $2,250,000 Happydemics.com .com
Packator Seed $2,240,000 Packator.com .com
PostDesk Seed $2,000,000 PostDesk.com .com
Torchlite Seed $2,000,000 Torchlite.com .com
Bright Greens Seed $2,000,000 BrightGreens.com .com
NowRx Seed $2,000,000 NowRx.com .com
ThrustMe Seed $1,900,000 ThrustMe.fr .fr
Bom Pra Credito Series A $1,830,000 BomPraCredito.com.br .com.br
Beemray Seed $1,680,000 Beemray.com .com
Yofuma Technologies Seed $1,500,000 Yofumo.com .com
Changing Health Seed $1,270,000 ChangingHealth.com .com
Assently Venture $1,150,000 Assently.com .com
The Audience Awards Seed $1,000,000 TheAudienceAwards.com .com
Redcliffe Hygiene (PeeSafe) Seed $1,000,000 PeeSafe.in .in
Shark Dreams Venture $850,000 SharkDreams.co .co
Gateway Surgery Center Venture $518,750 GatewayASC.com .com
MrNeeds Seed $500,000 MrNeeds.com .com
Boxx.ai Seed $500,000 Boxx.ai .ai
Homegrown Seed $446,460 Homegrown.co.uk .co.uk
KingFit Preventive Health & Wellness Venture $350,000 Kingfit.org .org
Vikey Seed $335,850 Vikey.it .it
Hugsy Seed $226,460 HugsyComfort.com .com
Battlejungle Seed $200,000 BattleJungle.com com
Rakam Seed $150,000 Rakam.io .io
Lifekeys Angel $118,380 Lifekeys.no .no
Fincash.com Seed $100,000 Fincash.com .com
Estarz Seed $100,000 eStarz.tv .tv
Convessa Seed $100,000 Convessa.com .com
Intrabone, Inc Series A $50,000 Intrabone.com .com
iCaked Seed $40,000 iCaked.com .com
Nebullam Seed $25,000 Nebullam.com .com
iSearchPlant Series A Undisclosed iSearchPlant.co.za .co.za
Edgefx Technologies Venture Undisclosed EdgefxKits.com .com
Ouibring Seed Undisclosed Ouibring.com .com
xCoins.io Series A Undisclosed xCoins.io .io
Myanmar Online Creations Series A Undisclosed MyanmarOnlineCreations.com .com
Peachwater Consulting Seed Undisclosed PowerStove.com.ng .com.ng
Findleasing.nu Venture Undisclosed FindLeasing.nu .nu
VanityCask Seed Undisclosed VanityCask.com .com
Biena Foods Series A Undisclosed BienaFoods.com .com
ARX Defence Series A Undisclosed ARXDefence.com .com
Boost Payment Solutions Venture Undisclosed Boostb2b.com .com
Intrabone, Inc Seed Undisclosed Intrabone.com .com
White Owl Brewery Seed Undisclosed WhiteOwl.in .in
Shifter Venture Undisclosed Shifter.no .no
ShoreMaster Venture Undisclosed ShoreMaster.com .com
CARMA Therapeutics Seed Undisclosed CarmaTherapeutics.com .com
LoanMeet Seed Undisclosed LoanMeet.com .com
AgentCash Seed Undisclosed AgentCash.com .com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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