78 newly funded startups and their domain names: Soldo.com, WonderSchool.com, CleanCapital.com


Last week, a whopping $502,733,190 in startup capital was raised by 78 new companies. Over 73% of these companies launched with a .com domain name with the ccTLDs being a strong second again with a share of more than 19%.  For the third week in a row, there is not a single startup on the list that decided to use a new domain name extension. In fact, more startups launched with a .ai domain in Q2 this year than all new domain name extensions combined. Just think about that.

Not many great domain names on the list this week but some I do like include those of UJ-based fintech company Soldo which operates from the matching .com. A nice, short and memorable invented name. I also like California-based Wonderschool which offers a platform where people can start infant and toddler programs and preschools out of their own homes. The startup purchased the matching .com domain from BuyDomains for $1,900 earlier this year. My favorite name this week is that of CleanCapital, a financial technology company from New York that makes it easy to invest in clean energy.

Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
NFPNoble Four Partners (NFP) Venture $150,000,000 NobleFourPartnersllc.com .com
Repare Therapeutics Series A $68,000,000 RepareRX.com .com
PayBreak Venture $31,290,000 AfforditNow.com .com
Kalray Venture $26,000,000 KalrayInc.com .com
Eton Pharmaceuticals Series A $20,000,000 EtonPharma.com .com
Vineti Series A $13,750,000 Vineti.com .com
Misty Robotics Series A $11,500,000 MistyRobotics.com .com
Soldo Ltd Series A $11,000,000 Soldo.com .com
Alight, Inc Series A $11,000,000 AlightInc.com .com
Synthio Venture $10,500,000 Synthio.com .com
Sense Series A $10,000,000 SenseHQ.co .co
ShieldX Networks, Inc Series A $9,000,000 ShieldX.com .com
Deliver Seed $8,000,000 Deliver.ru .ru
Serimmune Venture $8,000,000 Serimmune.com .com
Acudeen Technologies Inc Venture $6,000,000 Acudeen.com .com
AproPLAN Series A $5,580,000 AproPlan.com .com
Now Healthcare Group Series A $5,110,000 NowHealthCareGroup.com .com
BlockFraud Series A $5,000,000 BlockFraud.com .com
Centriq Technology Inc Venture $4,800,000 CentriqHome.com .com
Julia Computing, Inc Seed $4,600,000 JuliaComputing.com .com
Hubdoc Seed $4,520,000 Hubdoc.com .com
Grow Fit Series A $4,500,000 GetGrowFit.com .com
MindBridge AI Seed $4,300,000 MindBridge.ai .ai
MKA Cyber Series A $4,100,000 MKACyber.com .com
The Edge Property Venture $4,000,000 TheEdgeProperty.com .com
CloudPost Networks Series A $4,000,000 CloudPostNetworks.com .com
Digital Golf Technologies Venture $4,000,000 DigitalGolfTechnologies.com .com
FinalPrice Venture $4,000,000 FinalPrice.com .com
Z-Works Series A $3,610,000 Z-Works.co.jp .co.jp
Fuzic Media Seed $3,520,000 FuzicMedia.com .com
Bcomp Series A $3,080,000 BComp.ch .ch
Homee Seed $2,800,000 HomeeOnDemand.com .com
Iconovo Venture $2,560,000 Iconovo.se .se
Milk VFX Venture $2,560,000 Milk-VFX.com .com
Valitacell Venture $2,240,000 ValitaCell.com .com
Verso Learning Series A $2,000,000 VersoApp.com .com
Kissht Series A $2,000,000 Kissht.com .com
Elevate Security Seed $2,000,000 ElevateSecurity.com .com
Xineoh Seed $2,000,000 Xineoh.com .com
Wonderschool Seed $2,000,000 Wonderschool.com .com
Xpertdoc Technologies Seed $1,740,000 Xpertdoc.com .com
GenXComm Seed $1,500,000 GenXcomm.com .com
Precise Real Estate Solutions Series A $1,500,000 PreciseRes.com .com
Envenio Venture $1,300,000 Envenio.ca .ca
SummerSalt Seed $1,250,000 GoSummerSalt.com .com
Sympl Seed $1,230,000 Symbl.be .be
E Table gr Seed $1,120,000 e-Table.gr .gr
Dauber Seed $1,100,000 DauberApp.com .com
Yunoia Seed $1,060,000 Yunoia.com .com
Pine Biotech Seed $1,030,000 Pine-Biotech.com .com
Chaos Sumo Seed $1,000,000 ChaosSumo.io .io
Logojoy Seed $900,000 Logojoy.com .com
Lambda Health System Seed $769,910 LHS-sa.ch .ch
EnteroBiotix Seed $632,380 EnteroBiotix.com .com
Polysmart Seed $606,920 Polysmart.com.au .com.au
Prime Pilot Venture $570,600 PrimePilot.com .com
MYPO Seed $557,620 Mypo.nl .nl
Digital Revisor Venture $525,670 DigitalRevisor.nu .nu
Kioson Seed $451,250 Kioson.com .com
Elemental Software Venture $383,110 ElementalSoftware.co .co
ForeverShop Seed $300,000 ForeverShop.in .in
Fastout Venture $171,610 Fastout.com .com
Sally R Venture $114,120 Sally-r.com .com
Dealer Relay Seed Undisclosed Dealer-Relay.com .com
Quantta Analytics Seed Undisclosed Quantta.com .com
Havson Group Seed Undisclosed HavsonGroup.com .com
Valuer Angel Undisclosed Valuer.ai .ai
Logiwa Seed Undisclosed Logiwa.com .com
Westwell Lab Series A Undisclosed Westwell-Lab.com .com
Drive Revenue Angel Undisclosed DriveRevenue.net .net
Ztude Series A Undisclosed Ztude.com .com
Arvata Angel Undisclosed Arvata.io .io
Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics Venture Undisclosed DeerlandEnzymes.com .com
CleanCapital Series A Undisclosed CleanCapital.com .com
Dropcountr Seed Undisclosed DropCountr.com .com
Always Apps Seed Undisclosed AlwaysApps.com.au .com.au
Desora Series A Undisclosed Desora.co .co
TAGFI Angel Undisclosed Tagfi.com .com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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