75 newly funded startups and their domain names: Outcome.com, Zenlayer.com, Rigado.com


A mind-boggling $650,801,510  in funding was raised by 75 new startup companies last week. Over 68% of these companies launched with a .com domain name with the ccTLDs being a solid second choice with 14%+ share.  We have two startups on the list that are using a new domain extension for their companies: Delhi-based Image processing company Wowflux Labs which launched on the Instaclick.studio domain name and RenovoDerm, a medical device company building a line of wound care products that is using Renovoderm.tech

Some domain names that I like on this list are those of Chicago-based Outcome Health, a healthcare startup that delivers better health outcomes and impacts the human condition positively through technology. The company was formerly known as ContextMedia and rebranded as Outcome Health in January this year. As James Iles over at NamePros reported the company spent $3,488 to acquire OutcomeHealth.com from the BuyDomains marketplace before acquiring the ultra premium Outcome.com domain name which is currently being forwarded to OutcomeHealth.com. Less impressive as a domain name but not as a brand is global connection platform Zenlayer, a Los Angeles-based company founded in 2014 that just raised $10m in funding. The Zenlayer.com domain was previously listed on HugeDomains with a $2,495 price tag. Last up we have Rigado, a startup that provides low power wireless solutions for IoT and experienced engineering services. I like the name because it’s easy to remember, spell and pronounce and it has a nice ring to it. This is very basic stuff but as you can see from our weekly list many startups fail this basic task when it comes to domain names.


Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
Outcome Health Series A $500,000,000 Outcome.com .com
Kaishu Jianggushi Venture $13,130,000 KaishuAI.com .com
SuperFlex Series A $10,200,000 SuperFlexTech.com .com
BAM Worldwide Venture $10,000,000 BamWire.com .com
Zenlayer Series A $10,000,000 Zenlayer.com .com
Mygnar, Inc Series A $8,500,000 GnarBox.com .com
Greenlight Financial Technology Seed $7,500,000 GreenLightCard.com .com
Prota Therapeutics Venture $7,410,000 ProtaTherapeutics.com .com
Alesi Surgical Venture $6,730,000 Alesi-Surgical.com .com
Carrum Health Seed $6,500,000 CarrumHealth.com .com
YOOBIC Series A $5,300,000 Yoobic.com .com
Sasta Sundar Venture $5,000,000 SastaSundar.com .com
Meero Venture $4,600,000 Meero.fr .fr
Beanworks Series A $4,500,000 BeanWorks.com .com
TearClear Series A $4,500,000 TearClear.com .com
N2 Applied Venture $4,150,000 N2Applied.no .no
Gilmour Space Technologies Series A $3,730,000 GSpaceTech.com .com
Collateral Medical Series A $3,500,000 ColMed.in .in
Rigado Seed $3,300,000 Rigado.com .com
Vertera Spine Venture $3,060,000 VerteraSpine.com .com
SpyCloud, Inc Seed $2,500,000 SpyCloud.com .com
Anvyl Seed $2,500,000 Anvyl.com .com
Connected Space Management Seed $2,240,000 CSMres.com .com
SWAT Seed $2,170,000 SwatMobile.io .io
CrowdJustice Seed $2,000,000 CrowdJustice.co.uk .co.uk
Seez Seed $1,800,000 Seez.co .co
Gnowbe Seed $1,700,000 Gnowbe.com .com
Brodmann17 Seed $1,600,000 Brodmann17.com .com
Beonprice Seed $1,570,000 Beonprice.com .com
Vascular Genesis Seed $1,500,000 NanoFiberSolutions.com .com
RenovoDerm Seed $1,500,000 RenovoDerm.tech .tech
ebb3 Seed $1,280,000 ebb3.com .com
Intechnica Angel $1,160,000 Intechnica.com .com
Media Partners Venture $1,100,000 Media-Partners.com .com
Cognovi Labs Seed $845,000 CognoviLabs.com .com
Teambrella, Inc Seed $839,000 Teambrella.com .com
Virkesborsen Venture $516,820 Virkesborsen.se .se
Free Form Factory Venture $500,000 RideFreeForm.com .com
Fuze Card Seed $500,000 FuzeCard.com .com
Vanbex Group Seed $365,470 Vanbex.com .com
Airsupply Seed $321,400 AirSupply.org.uk .org.uk
Foundation Quietroom Label Angel $280,270 QuietHotelRoom.org .org
SoftForm Lighting Seed $200,000 SoftformLighting.com .com
Cozee Homes Seed $154,960 Cozee.in .in
Opening.io Seed $33,590 Opening.io .io
Listifer Angel $15,000 Listifer.com .com
Owl’s Brew Series A Undisclosed TheOwlsBrew.com .com
Strategic Venue Partners Venture Undisclosed StrategicVenue.com .com
Transcendia Venture Undisclosed Transcendia.com .com
Wilton & Bain Venture Undisclosed Wilton-Bain.com .com
Triple Seed Undisclosed Triple.io .io
Homedy.com Seed Undisclosed Homedy.com .com
Zooty Venture Undisclosed Zooty.in .in
Bramble Seed Undisclosed BrambleOutdoor.com .com
RxCBD Seed Undisclosed RxCBD.co .co
ShedWool Seed Undisclosed ShedWool.com .com
Frank Seed Undisclosed StartFrank.com .com
Snowcookie Seed Undisclosed SnowCookie.eu .eu
Thimble Seed Undisclosed Thimble.io .io
How Do I? Seed Undisclosed NFCHelpsMe.com .com
Atticus Link Seed Undisclosed Atticus-Link.co.uk .co.uk
The Hard Yard Seed Undisclosed TheHardYard.co.uk .co.uk
The Organise Platform Seed Undisclosed Organise.org.uk .org.uk
Dual Good Seed Undisclosed DualGood.com .com
The Local Electricity Project Seed Undisclosed LocalElectricity.org .org
Mental Snapp Seed Undisclosed MentalSnapp.com .com
iAssay Venture Undisclosed iAssay.net .net
Cubexus Seed Undisclosed Cubexus.com .com
OURS Technology Inc Series A Undisclosed ours-tech.com .com
Data Inventions Venture Undisclosed DataInventions.com .com
Loadshare Seed Undisclosed LoadShare.net .net
Wowflux Labs Venture Undisclosed Instaclick.studio .studio
Bank-Genie Series A Undisclosed Bank-Genie.com .com
Nivesh.com Angel Undisclosed Nivesh.com .com
Cube Seed Undisclosed BankOfCube.com .com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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