74 newly funded startups and their domain names: TrueSpeed.com, ClearBallot.com, OneDome.com


We have a list of 74 startup companies that raised $525,015,230 in funding last week. Almost 69% of them is using a .com for their domain name with the ccTLD taking the usual runner up spot with over 13% of the list. There are four startups that went with one of the many new extensions: one .Bio, a .Solutions, a .Wine and a .Xyz.

Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
TrueSpeed Communications Venture $96,560,000 TrueSpeed.com .com
E-scape Bio Series A $63,000,000 e-scapeBio.com .com
Chengjia Apartment Seed $50,000,000 cjia.com .com
Neutral Connect Networks Venture $30,000,000 NeutralConnect.com .com
Lezhuan Financial Series A $29,480,000 Lezhuan.com .com
Clear Ballot Group, Inc Venture $18,000,000 ClearBallot.com .com
Bespin Global Series A $15,000,000 BespinGlobal.com .com
Ephesoft Series A $15,000,000 Ephesoft.com .com
Bid Group Venture $13,500,000 BidGroup.ca .ca
Biovotion Series A $13,480,000 Biovotion.com .com
Enterin Series A $12,700,000 EnterinInc.com .com
SiteTraker Series A $11,000,000 SiteTraker.com .com
TemperPack Series A $10,000,000 TemperPack.com .com
Sonoma Creamery Venture $10,000,000 SonomaCreamery.com .com
Yamibuy Series A $10,000,000 Yamibuy.com .com
Plum Series A $9,000,000 Plum.wine .wine
Qrativ Series A $8,300,000 Qrativ.bio .bio
ADC Biotechnology Venture $8,040,000 ADCBio.com .com
Zanroo Series A $7,400,000 Zanroo.com .com
Aptrinsic Series A $7,200,000 Aptrinsic.com .com
Velan Studios Series A $7,000,000 VelanStudios.com .com
Haizol.com Series A $6,000,000 Haizol.com .com
Conjoule Series A $5,130,000 Conjoule.de .de
Grow Food Seed $5,000,000 GrowFood.pro .pro
Mowgli Street Food Venture $4,440,000 MowgliStreetFood.com .com
OneDome Series A $4,000,000 OneDome.com .com
KnowledgeMotion Venture $3,860,000 BoClips.com .com
Chronometriq Series A $3,500,000 Chronometriq.ca .ca
Shine.fr Seed $3,200,000 Shine.fr .fr
Smart Auto Systems Series A $3,090,000 Autorox.co .co
Imsight Medical Series A $2,950,000 ImsightMed.com .com
Cinelab London Venture $2,900,000 Cinelab.co.uk .co.uk
Entrupy Series A $2,600,000 Entrupy.com .com
AIMS Innovation Venture $2,500,000 AimsInnovation.com .com
Higher Ground Labs Seed $2,500,000 HigherGroundLabs.com .com
HostNFly Venture $2,280,000 HostNFly.com .com
Revere Seed $2,000,000 Revere.co .co
Metamoto, Inc Seed $2,000,000 Metamoto.com .com
Cashlez Seed $2,000,000 Cashlez.com .com
ExoAtlet Venture $2,000,000 ExoAtlet.com .com
Amino Seed $1,750,000 AminoPay.com .com
Universal Beauty Group Venture $1,710,000 UniversalBeautyGroup.com .com
Hudya Venture $1,680,000 Hudya.no .no
Sendence Seed $1,500,000 Sendence.com .com
The Mednet Seed $1,300,000 TheMedNet.org .org
Force Field VR Series A $1,140,000 ForceFieldVR.com .com
AdQuick Seed $1,100,000 AdQuick.com .com
Gencove Seed $1,000,000 Gencove.com .com
Evy Tea Seed $1,000,000 EvyTea.com .com
Goodnest Venture $1,000,000 Goodnest.co.nz .co.nz
ArabianChain Seed $816,770 ArabianChain.org .org
Housfy Real Estate Series A $798,380 Housfy.com .com
NBT Solutions Seed $773,330 NBTSolutions.com .com
Dropcountr Seed $600,000 Dropcountr.com .com
Dimension10 Venture $545,170 Dimension10.no .no
Alphabet King Venture $514,770 AlphabetKing.com .com
Rewired Solutions Series A $377,500 Rewired.Solutions .solutions
Enjay Venture $367,800 Enjay.se .se
OPEN Seed $250,000 BankOpen.co .co
Nile Delivery Seed $75,000 NileDeliveryApp.com .com
Havyn Seed $60,000 Havyn.com .com
Foom Seed $46,510 FoomApp.com .com
DDH1 Venture Undisclosed DDH1.com.au .com.au
Liveplay Seed Undisclosed Liveplay.co .co
iantech Venture Undisclosed iantechMed.com .com
Transform Reality, LLC Seed Undisclosed TransformReality.co .co
TalkJS Seed Undisclosed TalkJS.com .com
Cultura Colectiva Venture Undisclosed CulturaColectiva.com .com
Guilded Seed Undisclosed Guilded.gg .gg
StellApps Series A Undisclosed StellApps.com .com
BookingJini Angel Undisclosed BookingJini.com .com
Sunrate Series A Undisclosed SunrateFX.com .com
Kue Seed Undisclosed GetKue.com .com
Design Cafe Venture Undisclosed DesignCafe.xyz .xyz

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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