71 newly funded startups and their domain names: Huya.com, Rubica.com, eVote.com


$387,742,400 in funding was raised by 71 new startup companies last week. More than 70% of these companies launched with a .com domain name with the ccTLDs being a distant second with 14% of the pie.  We have two startups on the list that went with a new domain extension for their companies: legal artificial intelligence company Lari is on a .Digital domain and India-based e-commerce company Elize went with a .Club domain name.

Some domain names that I like on this week’s list include those of Huya.com which is China’s leading interactive broadcast platform. The company just raised a staggering $75 million in funding.  It has become very common for start-ups, especially when they are consumer facing, to name their company with a first name.  That’s why I also like California-based cyber security startup Rubica who operates from the matching Rubica.com domain name.  Last, but certainly not least there’s eVote, a startup still in beta that promises to make it easier for companies to gather feedback and votes. The eVote.com domain name was first registered in 1995 and used to be a developed site related to politics until 2007.

Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
CSquared Venture $100,000,000 CSquared.com .com
Huya.com Series A $75,000,000 Huya.com .com
Leon Venture $32,420,000 LeonRestaurants.co.uk .co.uk
Biomx Series A $24,000,000 Biomx.com .com
Sweet Inn Venture $22,000,000 SweetInn.com .com
Additiv Venture $21,160,000 Additiv.com .com
Xontogeny Series A $15,000,000 Xontogeny.com .com
Numerated Series A $9,000,000 Numerated.com .com
Social Native Seed $8,000,000 SocialNative.com .com
Taralite Venture $6,300,000 Taralite.com .com
Rubica Seed $5,600,000 Rubica.com .com
Robocath Venture $5,220,000 Robocath.com .com
SunSystem Technology Venture $5,000,000 SSTSolar.com .com
Wander Beauty Series A $4,500,000 WanderBeauty.com .com
Ubco Venture $3,950,000 UbcoBikes.com .com
eVote Seed $3,000,000 eVote.com .com
In2lytics Series A $3,000,000 in2lytics.com .com
AKUA Seed $3,000,000 Akua-LLC.com .com
AptaTargets Venture $2,990,000 AptaTargets.com .com
Everfest Seed $2,500,000 Everfest.com .com
Qupital Seed $2,000,000 Qupital.com .com
Houwzer Seed $2,000,000 Houwzer.com .com
MoBerries Venture $1,990,000 MoBerries.com .com
Granite Media Seed $1,900,000 GraniteMedia.com .com
Reality AI Seed $1,700,000 Reality.ai .ai
Shippit Series A $1,630,000 Shippit.com .com
Marbotic Seed $1,500,000 Marbotic.fr .fr
IronCore Labs Seed $1,500,000 IronCoreLabs.com .com
0glass Series A $1,450,000 0glass.cn .cn
Wizenoze Venture $1,440,000 Wizenoze.com .com
Paygo Energy Venture $1,430,000 PaygoEnergy.org .org
Funding Wonder, Inc Seed $1,400,000 FundingWonder.com .com
restb AI – Cognitive Computer Vision Seed $1,310,000 RestB.ai .ai
Precognitive Inc Seed $1,250,000 Precognitive.io .io
Oppsource – Sales Development Software Venture $1,220,000 Oppsource.com .com
Karnott Seed $1,220,000 Karnott.fr .fr
Accern Seed $1,200,000 Accern.com .com
Mining for Miracles Venture $1,160,000 MiningForMiracles.org .org
Apostrophe, Inc Seed $1,150,000 ApostropheHealth.com .com
DIB Hotel Venture $1,140,000 DiBHotel.com .com
AllPlants Venture $1,030,000 AllPlants.com .com
Traverse Data Seed $1,000,000 TraverseData.com .com
SingleOps LLC Seed $1,000,000 SingleOps.com .com
EV Hive Seed $800,000 EVHive.co .co
Showify Venture $510,300 Showify.me .me
Lulabop Seed $500,000 Lulabop.com .com
Zapty Seed $500,000 Zapty.com .com
Mink Campers Seed $450,000 MinkCampers.is .is
Zalster Venture $341,120 Zalster.com .com
UrbanWineBox Venture $147,740 UrbanWineBox.com .com
PetMio Angel $100,000 PetMio.com .com
DealSmash Venture $84,420 DealSmash.co .co
Namecoin Venture $33,320 Namecoin.info .info
EzCred Seed $15,500 EzCred.in .in
Travelspice Series A Undisclosed TravelSpice.com .com
Unbound Seed Undisclosed UnboundBox.com .com
NooBaa Venture Undisclosed Noobaa.com .com
HealthSutra Seed Undisclosed HealthSutra.in .in
DeePhi Tech Series A Undisclosed Deephi.com .com
PumpKart Seed Undisclosed PumpKart.com .com
N2W Software Venture Undisclosed N2ws.com .com
Dapresy Venture Undisclosed Dapresy.com .com
Vernacular.ai Seed Undisclosed Vernacular.ai .ai
LARI Seed Undisclosed Lari.Digital .digital
Rice Seed Undisclosed RiceMedia.co .co
CellAge Seed Undisclosed CellAge.org .org
Atc Aluvation Technology Seed Undisclosed Aluvation.com .com
Asura Financial Technologies Venture Undisclosed AsuraFin.com .com
Contiamo Venture Undisclosed Contiamo.com .com
Elize Seed Undisclosed Elize.Club .club
Dragonfly Therapeutics Venture Undisclosed DragonFlyTX.com .com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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