67 newly funded startups and their domain names: Muso.com, Pray.com, FashionTrade.com


The summer is causing things to slow down a bit in venture capital land as we only saw $255,651,880 in capital raised by 7867 new startups companies. Over 76% of these companies launched with a .com domain name with the ccTLDs being a very distant second with a share of almost 9%.  After an absence of three weeks, the new domain name extensions made a bit of a comeback this week with three entries on the list including a .Horse domain name!

Despite a rather small list there definitely are a few companies who launched with a great domain name. First, there’s MUSO, A UK-based software company that provides anti-piracy solutions for enterprises. The matching Muso.com was acquired for just $7,915 from Afternic in 2008. Next up we have a California-based startup with the ultra premium domain name Pray.com, the private social networking company describes itself as “a website and mobile app that helps people live with purpose and connect with faith”. Since there isn’t any public sales data on the Pray.com domain name sale I did a bit of research and found this interesting Q&A in which one of the founders of the company shares how they were able to get their hands on such a valuable domain name. He says the sales price was comparable to that of Bible.com but I am unaware of any public sales data on that domain name either. Last up there is Dutch retail startup FashionTrade which is an online fashion marketplace operating at FashionTrade.com where brands and retailers can connect and do their wholesale business online.

Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
Acessa Health Series A $30,000,000 AcessaProcedure.com .com
Sitehands Venture $25,000,000 SiteHands.com .com
DiffBlue Series A $22,000,000 DiffBlue.com .com
Accscient Venture $20,000,000 Accscient.com .com
Dook Book Series A $18,720,000 DookBook.com .com
Autotech Ventures Venture $15,000,000 AutoTechVC.com .com
M2i Life Sciences Venture $13,440,000 M2i-LifeSciences.com .com
Lovesac Venture $10,000,000 LoveSac.com .com
Ayfie Venture $8,000,000 Ayfie.com .com
Synspira Seed $8,000,000 Synspira.com .com
BHSL Venture $7,840,000 BHSL.com .com
TechSee Series A $7,500,000 TechSee.me .me
Stashfin Seed $5,000,000 Stashfin.com .com
Clobotics Seed $5,000,000 Clobotics.com .com
Hug Innovations Corp Series A $5,000,000 HugInnovations.com .com
Dolphin Homes Venture $4,950,000 DolphinHomes.co.uk .co.uk
Infarm Seed $4,480,000 Infarm.de .de
Cabin Seed $3,300,000 RideCabin.com .com
Muso Series A $3,180,000 Muso.com .com
Nuance Energy Venture $3,000,000 NuanceEnergy.com .com
TalentWorks Venture $2,400,000 Talent.Works .Works
Cytovation Venture $2,370,000 Cytovation.com .com
IntellectEU Venture $2,280,000 IntellectEU.com .com
Tizeti Inc. Seed $2,100,000 Tizeti.com .com
Pray.com Seed $2,000,000 Pray.com .com
Acquired.io Seed $2,000,000 Acquired.io .io
StdLib (Polybit Inc) Seed $2,000,000 StdLib.com .com
Upstream Security Seed $2,000,000 UpstreamSecurity.com .com
Codemotion Venture $1,680,000 CodemotionWorld.com .com
Datarino Venture $1,590,000 Datarino.com .com
POSaBIT Seed $1,500,000 Posabit.com .com
Universal Standard Seed $1,500,000 UniversalStandard.com .com
Tokenize Inc Venture $1,500,000 Tokenize.com .com
Stayawhile Seed $1,500,000 StayAWhile.com .com
Oars + Alps Seed $1,300,000 OarsAndAlps.com .com
VendorHawk Seed $1,200,000 VendorHawk.io .io
CredoLab Seed $1,000,000 CredoLab.com .com
ApicBase Seed $792,860 ApicBase.com .com
Covered Insurance Seed $700,000 ItsCovered.com .com
Barkly Pets Seed $605,000 BarklyPets.com .com
VAQSO Seed $600,000 Vaqso.com .com
Beauceron Security Seed $500,000 BeauceronSecurity.com .com
Nuttery Entertainment Venture $459,920 NutteryEntertainment.com .com
By Miles Seed $454,130 ByMiles.co.uk .co.uk
Fooducer Venture $451,710 Fooducer.com .com
Zeelo Seed $450,000 Zeelo.co .co
Equilab Venture $402,430 Equilab.Horse .horse
Tactus Group Venture $385,830 TactusGroup.com .com
Letme.ai Seed $200,000 Letme.ai .ai
Feather Seed $120,000 RentFeather.com .com
AfricanPlanet Seed $100,000 AfricanPlanet.org .org
TaskUnite Angel $100,000 TaskUnite.com .com
Footlr Seed Undisclosed Footlr.com .com
Cylera Seed Undisclosed Cyclera.com .com
AmoebaX Ltd. Seed Undisclosed Amoebax.com .com
MySphere Angel Undisclosed MySphere.link .link
AIMO Seed Undisclosed Aimo-Health.com .com
Dovu Seed Undisclosed Dovu.io .io
LipoSeuticals Series A Undisclosed Liposeuticals.com .com
Carbon Masters Seed Undisclosed CarbonMasters.co.uk .co.uk
Grupa Pracuj Venture Undisclosed GrupaPracuj.pl .pl
Humm.ly Seed Undisclosed Humm.ly .ly
FashionTrade.com Venture Undisclosed FashionTrade.com .com
VarmX Seed Undisclosed VarmX.com .com
PlanRadar Seed Undisclosed PlanRadar.com .com
Mojiit Angel Undisclosed Mojiit.com .com
RentTrack Series A Undisclosed RentTrack.com .com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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