67 newly funded startups and their domain names: Capital.com, Workato.com, LuggageHero.com


We have a list of 67 new companies that raised $290,506,890 in funding last week. More than 71% of them is using a .com for their domain name with the ccTLD taking the usual runner up spot with a little over 13% of the list. There are three startups that chose to launch with one of the many new extensions: a .Coop and two .Tech

I’m glad to see some quality domain names back on the list after a couple of meager weeks. First and foremost we have fintech company Capital.com which operates a mobile trading app that allows its customers to invest in various financial instruments with the use of AI. The startup raised a cool $25M in funding and uses the ultra-premium Capital.com domain name. Next up we have workflow automation startup Workato. I like this as a strong invented brand name that is easy to say and spell. It looks like the company was able to hand-register the matching Workato.com domain name when they launched back in 2013. Last up we have LuggageHero, a luggage storage startup from Denmark that offers left luggage services to travelers using local shops. I’ve written about the use of the Hero suffix in two-keyword brands a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
Awake Security Venture $31,000,000 AwakeSecurity.com .com
Hairongyi.com Series A $29,510,000 Hairongyi.com .com
Fox Rent A Car, Inc Venture $25,000,000 FoxRentACar.com .com
Capital.com Series A $25,000,000 Capital.com .com
MindoLife Venture $20,000,000 MindOLife.com .com
Xiaomai Venture $18,500,000 iMXiaomai.com .com
Symbow Medical, Ltd Series A $17,760,000 SymbowMed.com .com
Wesgro Venture $11,500,000 Wesgro.co.za .co.za
Workato Series A $10,000,000 Workato.com .com
Corelight Series A $9,200,000 Corelight.com .com
Entier Venture $8,480,000 Entier-Services.com .com
Koia Seed $7,500,000 DrinkKoia.com .com
Plexchat Venture $7,000,000 PlexChat.com .com
Virtualstock Venture $6,000,000 VirtualStock.co.uk .co.uk
Form3 Financial Cloud Series A $5,000,000 Form3.Tech .tech
VerAvanti Venture $5,000,000 VerAvanti.com .com
DoubleNet Pay Seed $4,000,000 DoubleNetPay.com .com
Vayana Network Series A $4,000,000 Vayana.in .in
Friska Venture $3,930,000 FriskaFood.com .com
Constellation Digital Partners Venture $3,000,000 Constellation.Coop .coop
FoldiMate, Inc Seed $3,000,000 FoldiMate.com .com
Ironhack Series A $3,000,000 Ironhack.com .com
Playkey Venture $2,800,000 Playkey.net .net
Tomorrow Seed $2,600,000 Tomorrow.me .me
Brauz Seed $2,250,000 Brauz.com .com
Learnerbly Seed $2,090,000 Learnerbly.com .com
Increff Venture $2,020,000 Increff.com .com
lvl5 Seed $2,000,000 lvl5.ai .ai
Highmark Interactive Seed $1,580,000 Highmark.Tech .tech
Carbice Corporation Seed $1,500,000 Carbice.com .com
Mira Labs Seed $1,500,000 MiraReality.com .com
Flashfood Seed $1,500,000 FlashFood.com .com
Neurovalens Seed $1,440,000 Neurovalens.com .com
KorsAll Seed $1,400,000 Korsall.com .com
Contextere Seed $1,380,000 Contextere.com .com
SeedLegals Angel $1,310,000 SeedLegals.com .com
Automox Seed $1,300,000 Automox.com .com
Wazp Seed $1,150,000 Wazp.io .io
FinTech Studios Seed $1,000,000 FintechStudios.com .com
AppsVillage Seed $1,000,000 Appv.co .co
PlayAblo Seed $600,000 Playablo.com .com
Homebase Seed $500,000 Homebase.ai .ai
SWVL Seed $500,000 Swvl.io .io
FindMeCure Seed $420,000 FindMeCure.com .com
LuggageHero Venture $385,630 LuggageHero.com .com
Yalla Pickup Seed $272,260 Yalla-Pickup.com .com
Brick2wall.com Angel $200,000 Brick2Wall.com .com
Take Daily Venture $154,710 TakeDaily.dk .dk
KaleJob Seed $150,000 KaleJob.com .com
Vizda Venture $124,290 Vizda.no .no
MeTripping Seed Undisclosed MeTripping.com .com
Monsoon CreditTech Angel Undisclosed MonsoonFintech.com .com
Decooda Series A Undisclosed Decooda.com .com
RideAd Series A Undisclosed RideAd.co .co
Aircto Angel Undisclosed Aircto.com .com
Julo Seed Undisclosed JuloFinance.com .com
Intelligent Marking Venture Undisclosed IntelligentMarking.com .com
Dyner Angel Undisclosed Dyner.me .me
Flytta Seed Undisclosed GoFlytta.com .com
Appiphony Venture Undisclosed Appiphony.com .com
Hypernova Interactive Seed Undisclosed HNinteractive.com .com
CasaIQ Seed Undisclosed Casa.iq .iq
Napp Venture Undisclosed Napp.dk .dk
ATRO Medical Series A Undisclosed AtroMedical.com .com
Worthy Financial, Inc Seed Undisclosed JoinWorthy.com .com
Meixin Global Series A Undisclosed MeixinGlobal.com .com
Properin Seed Undisclosed Properin.com .com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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