66 newly funded startups and their domain names: Riversand.com, Armis.com, CarFirst.com


$382,620,830 in funding was raised by 66 new startup companies last week. More than 68% of these companies launched with a .com domain name with the ccTLDs being a strong second with almost 20%.  There is not a single startup on the list this week that decided to launch with one of the new domain name extensions.

Not a great list of domain names this week but some I do like include those of Riversand Technologies, a Texas-based Master Data Management (MDM) and a Product Information Management (PIM) company which raised $35m in Series A funding. I also like IoT security company Armis raises which raised $17m and is using the matching Armis.com domain name. Armis is Latin for “by force and arms.” Last up there’s CarFirst which is a first of its kind one-stop shop at Carfirst.com to sell your car with no hassle in Pakistan.

Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
Riversand Series A $35,000,000 Riversand.com .com
il Makiage Venture $34,000,000 ilMakiage.com.au .com.au
Tisbury Pharmaceuticals Venture $32,000,000 TisburyPharmaceuticals.com .com
Yubico Venture $30,000,000 Yubico.com .com
Untuckit Venture $30,000,000 Untuckit.com .com
BlackRock Metals Venture $29,640,000 BlackRockMetals.com .com
Armis Security Venture $17,000,000 Armis.com .com
aXiomatic Venture $16,500,000 AxiomNH.com .com
QUE Oncology Series A $16,000,000 QueOncology.com .com
Tulip Interfaces Series A $13,000,000 Tulip.co .co
ComHear Series A $12,000,000 ComHear.com .com
Strekin Seed $10,370,000 Strekin.com .com
Platelet BioGenesis Series A $10,000,000 PlateletBiogenesis.com .com
Obsidian Security Series A $9,500,000 ObsidianSecurity.com .com
Balbix Series A $8,600,000 Balbix.com .com
Happy Plugs Venture $6,730,000 HappyPlugs.com .com
FullStack Modular Series A $6,000,000 FullStackModular.com .com
Viceroy Capital Healthcare Venture $5,400,000 Viceven.com .com
Cognata Venture $5,000,000 Cognata.com .com
Wahed Invest Inc Seed $5,000,000 WahedInvest.com .com
Belkin Laser Venture $5,000,000 RadBiomed.com .com
YEAY GmbH Seed $4,900,000 Yeay.com .com
WaystoCap Seed $3,000,000 WaysToCap.com .com
Coldpress Venture $2,970,000 Coldpress.co.uk .co.uk
FinCompare Seed $2,820,000 FinCompare.de .de
Alitheon Seed $2,800,000 Alitheon.com .com
FundShop Series A $2,480,000 FundShop.fr .fr
Lighthouse8 Series A $2,370,000 Lighthouse8.com .com
FSports Venture $2,300,000 FSport.net .net
Quantifi Seed $2,300,000 Quantifi.ai .ai
Zoom.ai Seed $2,100,000 Zoom.ai .ai
Wicket Labs Inc Seed $2,000,000 WicketLabs.com .com
Court Innovations Series A $1,800,000 CourtInnovations.com .com
Openledger Seed $1,660,000 OpenLedger.info .info
Propzy Venture $1,600,000 Propzy.com .com
ABI Health Seed $1,500,000 abi-health.com .com
Multiplier Solutions Seed $1,500,000 MultiplierSolutions.com .com
Life2 Series A $1,500,000 Life2inc.com .com
Krypt.co Seed $1,200,000 Krypt.co .co
Companion Inc Seed $1,000,000 CompanionApp.io .io
Spinny Seed $1,000,000 MySpinny.com .com
Boende.se Venture $924,420 Boende.se .se
Worksome Venture $526,000 Worksome.com .com
Skycom Corporation Seed $315,000 Skycom.io .io
Multicore Photonics Seed $300,000 Multicore-Photonics.com .com
Tapcore Seed $281,180 Tapcore.com .com
Snowvation Seed $265,000 Snowvation.com .com
Kymira Sport Seed $156,230 KymiraSport.com .com
TechieGamers Seed $113,000 TechieGamers.com .com
Gain Compliance Angel $100,000 GainCompliance.com .com
Resume-Clip Seed $50,000 Resume-Clip.com .com
Intrabone Inc Series A $50,000 Intrabone.com .com
Movilest Seed Undisclosed Movilest.com .com
Ausava Inc Seed Undisclosed Ausava.com .com
Once Sync Limited Seed Undisclosed OnceSync.com .com
Basiq Seed Undisclosed Basiq.io .io
Entersekt Venture Undisclosed Entersekt.com .com
FactSquared Seed Undisclosed Fact2.com .com
Across Asia Strategy Venture Undisclosed AcrossAsia.hk .hk
Faqbot Seed Undisclosed Faqbot.co .co
CarFirst Series A Undisclosed CarFirst.com .com
Tabledash Angel Undisclosed TableDash.co.uk .co.uk
Healthbuds Seed Undisclosed Healthbuds.in .in
Market Pulse Technologies Seed Undisclosed Market-Pulse.in .in
Dronefence Seed Undisclosed DroneFence.de .de
Crenovative GmbH Angel Undisclosed x-bulk.de .de

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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