61 newly funded startups and their domain names: 17.Media, Wasabi.com, AdWallet.com


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$301,197,190 in funding was raised by 61 startup companies. More than 60% of them launched with a .com domain name followed by the ccTLD with a strong showing of almost 20%. The new domain name extensions also have a pretty decent presence on this weeks list with five start-ups. The most notable being M17 Entertainment, a live streaming company which raised $40 million dollars and is using 17.Media as its domain name.

The best domain name on the list by far is that of cloud storage startup Wasabi Technologies which uses the premium Wasabi.com domain name.

Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
M17 Entertainment Series A $40,000,000 17.media .media
Crescendo Power Venture $30,000,000 CrescendoPower.com .com
Volocopter Venture $29,460,000 Volocopter.com .com
PlasmaGen Biosciences Venture $25,000,000 PlasmaGen.in .in
UnifyID Series A $20,000,000 Unify.id .id
NextBlock Global Venture $20,000,000 NextBlock.ca .ca
Inception Series A $15,000,000 InceptionVR.com .com
Viome Series A $15,000,000 Viome.com .com
Remezcla Series A $11,000,000 Remezcla.com .com
Wasabi Technologies, Inc Venture $10,800,000 Wasabi.com .com
Agex Therapeutics Venture $10,000,000 Agexinc.com .com
Indalo Therapeutics Venture $9,000,000 IndaloTherapeutics.com .com
Atlas Dynamics Venture $8,000,000 AtlasDynamics.eu .eu
A Cloud Guru Series A $7,000,000 ACloud.Guru .guru
B2C Distribution Venture $6,580,000 B2CDistribution.com .com
Common Sense Robotics Seed $6,000,000 CS-robotics.com .com
Vulcan Express Venture $5,800,000 VulcanExpress.com .com
SmartAssist Series A $5,000,000 SmartAssist.io .io
Kit for Kids Venture $4,870,000 KitForKids.com .com
C360 Technologies Series A $3,500,000 C360Live.com .com
Botmetric Series A $3,000,000 Botmetric.com .com
Alt Tab Productions Venture $2,940,000 OGaming.tv .tv
WanderJaunt Seed $2,000,000 WanderJaunt.com .com
eazyScripts Series A $2,000,000 eazyScripts.com .com
Lending Loop Venture $2,000,000 LendingLoop.ca .ca
Datarino Series A $1,600,000 Datarino.com .com
AWSensors Venture $1,180,000 AWSensors.com .com
Click2Clinic Healthcare Seed $850,000 Click2Clinic.com .com
Water Pigeon Inc. Angel $815,000 WaterPigeon.com .com
AdWallet Angel $750,000 AdWallet.com .com
Vognition Seed $700,000 Vognition.com .com
Boardfy Seed $272,290 Boardfy.com .com
Xesto Angel $250,000 Xesto.io .io
Chalkboard Education Seed $235,440 Chalkboard.Education .education
cQuant.io Seed $200,000 cQuant.io .io
Bofink Venture $12,3460 Bofink.com .com
Releaf Seed $120,000 Releaf.ng .ng
Hopps Seed $51,000 Hopps.Tech .tech
Opendoors Angel $50,000 Opendoo.rs .rs
Marmo Health Seed $50,000 MarmoHealth.com .com
Elderscan Venture Undisclosed exscan.com .com
Meissa Vaccines Seed Undisclosed MeissaVaccines.com .com
Sensor Networks (Pty) Ltd Venture Undisclosed SensorNetworks.co.za .co.za
BBforMe, Inc Series A Undisclosed JoinBBforME.com .com
Leverage Edu Seed Undisclosed LeverageEDU.com .com
Compaio Seed Undisclosed Campaio.com .com
FitChirp Seed Undisclosed FitChirp.com .com
Buy It Installed Series A Undisclosed Buyitinstalled.com .com
Adovation.org Seed Undisclosed Adovation.org .org
PROJECTS Seed Undisclosed Projects.xyz .xyz
Premy Angel Undisclosed Premy.co.id .co.id
Tine Health Seed Undisclosed TineHealth.com .com
Group K Diagnostics Seed Undisclosed GroupKDiagnostics.com .com
Citus Health Seed Undisclosed CitusHealth.com .com
Mandir Seed Undisclosed Mandir.co .co
NANO Security Ltd Series A Undisclosed Nano-AV.ru .ru
Ruvix Seed Undisclosed Ruvix.com .com
EcoPago Seed Undisclosed Ecopago.com.ar .com.ar
Fetch Venture Undisclosed FetchApp.dk .dk
Doogy AS Angel Undisclosed Doggy.no .no
Cosme Hunt Seed Undisclosed CosmeHunt.com .com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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