60 newly funded startups and their domain names: Circulation.com, BrandTotal.com, Bitcoin.com.au


Last week, $164,084,100 in capital was raised by 60 new start-up companies. Exactly 70% of them launched with a .com domain name with the ccTLDs coming in second as usual with just over 11% of the pie.  Three start-ups decided to go to market with a new domain name extension. We have one .Codes, a .One and a .Tech on the list.

Some domain names that I like on this week’s list include those of Boston-based transportation start-up Circulation which uses cutting-edge technology to manage the logistics and transportation throughout healthcare. The company uses the premium exact-match Curculation.com domain name. I also like BrandTotal, a marketing intelligence agency from Tel-Aviv who applies cyber security, machine learning, and AI methodologies to reverse engineer your competition’s marketing strategy. They purchased their matching .com domain name for $2,595 from HugeDomains.com.  Last up we have Australia’s newest authority in Bitcoin. 100% Australian owned and operated in the heart of Melbourne, the company uses the exact match ccTLD Bitcoin.com.au


Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
Bridgewater Bank Venture $25,000,000 BridgewaterBankMN.com .com
Rimilia Venture $25,000,000 Rimilia.com .com
AutocloudPro Series A $17,000,000 AutocloudPro.com .com
Niuniuqiche Series A $17,000,000 Niuniuqiche.com .com
BioAge Labs Series A $10,900,000 BioageLabs.com .com
Circulation Series A $10,500,000 Circulation.com .com
Bricata Series A $8,000,000 Bricata.com .com
Rodeo Therapeutics Series A $5,900,000 RodeoTherapeutics.com .com
Aiqudo Series A $5,200,000 Aiqudo.com .com
GearLaunch Series A $4,800,000 GearLaunch.com .com
EmagiSpace Series A $4,200,000 EmagiSpace.com .com
Protein2o Venture $4,000,000 DrinkProtein2o.com .com
Signature Medical Series A $2,500,000 SignatureMedicalGroup.com .com
hearX Group Seed $2,200,000 HearXGroup.com .com
BrandTotal Seed $2,000,000 BrandTotal.com .com
IronCore Labs Seed $2,000,000 IroncoreLabs.com .com
ActionStreamer Seed $1,880,000 ActionStreamer.com .com
Amino Seed $1,850,000 AminoPay.com .com
FanAI Inc. Seed $1,800,000 FanAi.io .io
Greenspace Seed $1,400,000 GrnSpace.com .com
Brolly Seed $1,310,000 HeyBrolly.com .com
Wysa Seed $1,300,000 Wysa.io .io
Noticeboard – Team Communication Platform Seed $1,200,000 Noticeboard.tech .tech
RepIQ Seed $1,100,000 RepIQ.com .com
Kirsh Helmets Seed $1,000,000 KirshHelmets.com .com
Bitcoin.com.au Series A $815,000 Bitcoin.com.au .com.au
Camment Seed $757,350 Camment.tv .tv
Aphelion Orbitals Seed $500,000 AphelionOrbitals.com .com
Naveego Venture $500,000 Naveego.com .com
Everex One Seed $500,000 Everex.io .io
Ideal Flatmate Seed $487,730 idealFlatmate.co.uk .co.uk
SwarmOS Seed $466,060 Swarmos.com .com
Rack Performance Seed $300,000 RackPerformance.com .com
Thinkerbell Labs Angel $201,960 ThinkerbellLabs.com .com
UpCodes Seed $120,000 Up.Codes .codes
HotelFlex Seed $120,000 HotelFlex.io .io
Omega Grid Seed $100,000 OmegaGrid.com .com
SensrTrx Seed $100,000 SensrTrx.com .com
IP Hawk Seed $40,000 IPHawk.com .com
Stir Seed $35,000 StirApp.co .co
LOCOTECH Seed $1,000 Locotech.tk .tk
Lunio Seed Undisclosed Lunio.co.th .co.th
INGRID Seed Undisclosed IngridX.com .com
Premier Crop Systems Venture Undisclosed PremierCrop.com .com
Proplend ⎸Secured P2P Lending Series A Undisclosed Proplend.com .com
Supply Dynamics Venture Undisclosed SupplyDynamics.com .com
Krazyheadphones Seed Undisclosed KrazyHeadphones.com .com
The iStartup Angel Undisclosed TheiStartup.com .com
Ledger Assets Seed Undisclosed LedgerAssets.com .com
ComForCare Venture Undisclosed ComForCare.com .com
MyHotel Seed Undisclosed MyHotel.com.es .com.es
Chattigo Seed Undisclosed Chattigo.com .com
Welii Seed Undisclosed Welii.co .co
Ante Systems Seed Undisclosed AnteSystems.com .com
Hoplite Power Inc Seed Undisclosed HoplitePower.com .com
Blue Inductive Seed Undisclosed Blue-Inductive.de .de
Monetus Seed Undisclosed Monetus.com.br .com.br
A-malgam Technologies Inc. Seed Undisclosed A-malgam.com .com
Relab.co.nz Seed Undisclosed Relab.co.nz .co.nz
SoT – Security of Things Series A Undisclosed SoT.one .one

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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